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Mini Wisdom Minute Archive

When our strategies fail, when we need to take a different approach, we need to be aggressive and quickly change strategies according to the Lord's will.

God works in and around the unseen.

We determine or choose what happens to us in eternity by whether we accept Christ as Savior and Lord of our life.

An unselfish person always looks out for others.

We receive messages from God in many ways. Every godly success, every godly joy, and every godly memory contains a message from God.

The darkness is from Satan, the Light is from Christ.

When your heart is breaking, help heal the hurt of someone else.

The more we hope, the more the Light has a chance to burn and fuel us onward.

In Jesus, we can and do believe.

In every adversity, to find and keep hope within us, we need to keep our heart in tact and alive.

As little and insignificant as we sometimes think we are, we are not little nor insignificant to God.

Dollars, houses, cars, and clothes are meaningless in the higher realms where God lives.

When people have run out of hope because of their suffering, the idea of God's unfailing love can be mumbo jumbo.

Being a winner in life does not happen by accident. We are a winner because we choose to win.

Even on dismal and cloudy days, the light of the Lord's Son and sun still shines above the clouds.

You are never by yourself in life unless you have turned away from God.

To win out over the many daily obstacles we face, we must think ahead about the strategies we will use and how we will use them.

Of course, if we do not have faith in God, we do not want to hear there is a connection between faith in God and what happens to us in our life.

If you hold the belief you can deal with circumstances so victory is assured, no matter what you face, victory is assured.

In the uncontrollable and unknowable circumstances of life, faith is the answer, faith is the hope, and faith is the future.

Hope is the perfect gift for the heretic or the believer.

Hope is the perfect gift for the multi-billionaire or the homeless.

When we take an action adding to the hope and Light of God burning within others, we have not just overcome the darkness. We have defeated the darkness and achieved ultimate victory in the life of others.

When the darkness of death comes, instead of being a passive victim, point your will in the direction of eternal life through Christ.

There are many power-seeking, ego-driven people (inside and outside of the church). These people want to set up a criteria to measure how much of the Holy Spirit, indwelling or not indwelling, is working in a person's life. Foolishness!

We have always held up the belief anyone can overcome anything, or at least chip away at anything until anything is nothing more than gravel.

When your thoughts are based in fear, anger, pain, or lust, your thoughts expand in the wrong direction.

Meditation upon Christ is to be regarded as an exercise for the betterment of your life.

Responding with panic to the darkness in our life produces the same result as giving in to fear.

With a lack of faith there is great hesitation to act.

Satan tries to interfere with our prayer life, our Christian relationships, our moving about in our day to day activities, and in our family life.

Many of us have too little patience.

Some of us have had many unseen advantages keeping us safe and alive in God's love and grace.

We live in a throw-a-way world.

To deal with your pain, you can work around the edges of your pain.

During meditation you must be so good at observing your heart, mind, soul, body, and surroundings you must be the world's expert and keenest observer of your own mind and body.

Just knowing the facts about what we experience in a crisis is a huge advantage.

We know in our faith God has prepared a place for us in Heaven where we will not suffer or experience any kind of pain.

Even in a worldly way of looking at the world, the world has gone mad.

You must demand control over every trial regardless of the adversity.

Be kind to and love the child within you.

Christ was smitten and took suffering upon the Cross so you could be victorious against suffering.

The Light power of Jesus brings healing and wholeness.

In a time of adversity, the charted course of God is the course keeping us on track and headed in the right direction.

God will not turn you into a robot without a will of your own.

The darkness is hopelessness. The Light of Christ is hopefulness. In His light, we have great potential for being good, kind, forgiving, and loving.

If you plan ahead extensively enough, when things begin to unravel you will have a plan in place.

When we embrace Christ's spirit, we wrap our arms around the outpouring love of Christ. His love pours over us as we give away, by any means possible, the love He pours over us.

The idea of your having a chance at a new life, especially a chance at a new life when you have grown old and helpless, is extraordinary and extravagant. However, all things are possible with God.

A child who does not know what the parent wants or expects will likely follow a path other than what the parent wants or expects.

In order to build and maintain healthy relationships, we need to know what others want and expect.

Those activities Christ blesses are the activities giving you the greatest inner rewards.

Darkness, pain, and trouble make you feel isolated. Christ's love takes away your isolation.

In the presence of God, speak to your pain and let your pain know where you stand in God's love and grace.

You can befriend your pain, work with it, listen to it, and honor it. Quite often, exerting this control over your pain makes the pain go away or bearable.

If others are a part of your adversity picture, remember you cannot take charge of others. You must let others live with their own problems.

There was no free lunch in this life for Christ. There is no free lunch in this life for any of us.

The dark power brings us all kinds of pain, problems, suffering, and failure. The power of Light can bring us comfort, solutions, and success.

In suffering, we begin to lose sight of how much God truly loves us.

Because the world changes so rapidly, we get farther and farther behind in coming up to speed on new developments. God is not a new development.

We live our life from the inside out.

We kill our doubt and keep our hope alive by understanding…with God all things are possible, all the time, for every person. We understand all things become certain beyond our last moment on earth.

The point of having hope in life is to always have a better life regardless of how long your life might be. The greatest grandest hope on earth is realized in the fullness of life eternal.

To build the kingdom of God we must sacrifice our physical bodies, our mind, our heart, our wants, and our needs as we sacrifice our all for Christ.

Like the wind, the will of God is a power and a force you can use. To use the power of God, build a windmill in your mind and heart.

The reason so many people feel helpless in the face of adversity is because they run out of hope.

If you want to change your life, resolving not to be like someone else is not enough.

For change to take place in your life, sooner or later talk must end and action must begin.

What good is faith if faith doesn't change someone's life?

The sports team that loses hope becomes a loser.

Do not try to use your words as a weapon. Use your words only as an instrument of love, caring, kindness, and forgiveness.

When people love in gratitude, they love others and the things of life because they count others and things as blessings.

In the worldly way of looking at how the world makes sense, the world does not really make sense.

If you do not want to know anything about another person, they will know you do not want to know them. Then they will ignore you and discount you thereby negating any influence you may have over them.

Each of us can be an agent for social change in our world.

Establish positive expectations within your heart and communicate these positive expectations to others.

Because of what Jesus did, you do not have to bear your burdens alone.

We must make every effort to grow in wisdom and in truth.

In the new age of Christ, a new kind of power is upon the earth…a power called Christian love.

The purpose of meditation is the awareness of thoughts and feelings.

Everything you are and everything you own must belong to Christ and to Him only.

Life issues may try to destroy you but God loves you and wants to protect you.

Do you believe the best or the worst? Do you want to act on your fears or your hopes? Your attitude of hope is an attitude standing in direct contrast to an attitude of despair.

When you trust or hope in God, you get something extra, like getting an extra amount of spiritual fuel out of every circumstance.

If winning and losing makes us destructive, we lose whether we have won or lost.

In suffering, we must reach out to others to help them.

Your hope is underpinned by the road map you draw. When you follow your map your hope becomes reality.

To align your mind and body you must tune into each one.

Adversity brings disorientation. Faith in God brings re-orientation.

Caring about others shows others God is bigger than problems.

Hands and feet have no power of thought on their own. Action from thinking pushes your hands and feet to do as you direct.

One might think every person on earth would want to follow God's rules. This is not the case. However, you can follow the rules.

When you give hope, you show others another person cares for them and cares about them.

You achieve for God when you can see ahead in faith.

You never fully understand your real worth is in how God sees you. God sees you as a creature fallen but so redeemable God sent His only Son to redeem you and restore you.

In all the tough times of life, God gives you the ability to look up and envision a better day as you embrace His promise.

Meditation is accomplished more by actual practice than by any other means.

In making lifestyle changes, you can either be God centered or self-centered.

When you meditate, use a focus verse of a few words.

In a quiet moment with our Lord, you can change how we feel toward yourself.

When all seems lost, the element of desire coupled with expectation can lead to your touching the hand of God.

A sports team with hope is a winner regardless of the score. A sports team without hope is a loser before the game begins.

When circumstances of life take charge of us, our hope vanishes, thus setting up an endless cycle of hopelessness and lack of self-control.

Our will, exercised in the direction of God, produces good results.

Some people will travel the same circular path day after day without improving. They will end up in the same place in the days, weeks, and years ahead.

As Christians, we can look over the horizon knowing the paradise of God waits to receive us.

If we let the love we can experience at Christmas touch our soul, we can find healing for the rest of the year.

The healing love we experience at Christmas need not end on Christmas night.

Christ came into the world to be with people who are buried under an avalanche of pain and problems.

The healing love we feel at Christmas can last throughout the year.

If we face the painful truth Christmas does not matter to us, we can then begin to see how Christmas can matter, even in the worst of times.

Illness, loss, changes in life, finances, and for many other reasons, the meaning of Christmas gets buried under the avalanche of life's problems. When this happens to you, visit His manger.

Faith is necessary to deal with the unknown, because faith makes the unknown, known.

Take charge of what you can because you cannot take charge of an obstacle over which you have no control.

Wisdom in life often does not come cheap or without pain.

Bad things happen to people not because God wants bad things to happen, but because Satan makes bad things happen.

When we believe our life is controlled by God we end up wanting to love God to get Him to give us what we want instead of loving Him for who He is.

Christmas is a time when the hurts of life can become even more pronounced. However, we have a healing savior who was born to us on Christmas day.

Visit the manger scene and see Him wiggling His little fingers and moving His little feet.

If Christmas does not matter to you, then hold the baby Jesus for a long, long time.

When Christmas does not matter, we must realize Christ came into the world for people who are living at a time in their life when Christmas does not matter.

Christian faith = Christmas giving all year round.

The inevitable question must be asked, "If Christ bore my sorrows, then why do I still have them?" The answer: In this life, there is tribulation but in Christ we live in victory forever.

Although every corner of your life might seem to be dark because of your suffering, the Light of Christ penetrates every darkness, no matter how deep.

As invisible as we often think we are, as unnoticed as we consider ourselves to be, we are not invisible and unnoticed to God.

In spite of the source of our suffering, we must live now, see the future, and work to live.

God's blessings pour out upon those who follow His rules.

Everyone must deal with the power of darkness or the darkness will deal with them.

In adversity, you either lead or you follow.

When we face a morality and ethics question and we sit in indecision, we may sit in indecision because we really DO KNOW the answer to our question while we do not want to face the answer.

If you don't want to follow the rules or to obey God, the Spirit will not follow you or be made real to you.

The dark powers of the world can be overcome with the love of Jesus.

The measures we use to measure our life are not the measures God uses.

The healing journey is long, arduous, and often very hard work made easier by forgiveness.

Accepting and loving the person God made you to be is a giant step toward healing.

If we do not think ahead enough to protect ourselves for God's glory, we have not appropriately used what God gave us.

The more we give thanks, the more rewarding our life becomes.

Because we die, our earthly hope for an eternal earthly life becomes no more. However, because Christ was born, we have hope eternal.

In the darkness of a cave where animals were kept, the baby Jesus brought the blessings of eternal life.

In the darkness of a cave where animals were kept, the baby Jesus brought the blessings of hope.

In the darkness of a cave where animals were kept, the baby Jesus brought the blessings of eternal life in heaven.

The love of Christmas can heal if we let the love of God, in the form of His new born Son, touch our life.

We do not control our genetic make-up but we can control how we respond to our genetic make-up.

By doing a review of what we have learned, we tend not to forget.

In spite of the source of our suffering, we must commit ourselves to never repeating a mistake.

If you sit down and concretely define success, what you end up with may be something quite different than what you might be thinking of as success right now.

Some of our problems in life are our fault. We must always take responsibility for those problems.

The person who prepares in advance today for bad times in the future has a decided advantage when bad times fall.

The darkness in your life does not want you to take charge of anything.

Finding hope and the Light go beyond traditional practices of religion.

Dealing with obstacles in life very often requires we admit what we cannot do, admit what we need to overcome, admit our past mistakes, and admit our inadequacies.

The thankful person counts as gain even the slightest improvement of his or her lot in life. The thankful person counts even things like the warmth of the sun, the rain, the snow, and the wind as blessings from God.

In God's eyes, God can see every person is under attack just as Jesus was under attack when He walked the earth.

We do not always understand why God does what He does or how He does what He does. Yet, we know He loves us.

Our ultimate victory in life comes to us not when we achieve physical dominance, but when we achieve spiritual dominance with Christ.

We must keep our eyes focused on what is ahead and remain keenly focused on our objectives.

In acceptance, healing is a releasing of the fears causing us to love without conditions.

When we accept the full magnitude of Christ's act of accepting suffering for us, we will someday be free of suffering when we see Him face to face.

We can show God we love Him more by what we do in adversity rather showing Him love by being only passive recipients of His blessings.

When you take in and learn the wisdom of God, everything within you changes.

Especially in adversity, the world offers us incredible opportunities for learning and gaining wisdom.

Live every day for all it is worth.

We make no progress in life without taking chances.

It is best to plan ahead for a time of crisis even if a crisis does not appear on the horizon.

When we love others unselfishly, we do not expect others to help, love, serve, or protect us in return for our love.

Your response to adversity makes all the difference.

When we see beyond our present pain, our vision of a better day and a better future helps us manage the moment.

Resolving to live right is admirable. However, resolving must be followed up by producing a righteous life.

God is glorified when we gaze off into the future to dream of ways we can make things better today and tomorrow.

Caring about others permits others to lead a more spiritual life.

The love of Jesus heals the wounds left by unforgiving parents.

What is most important is we are willing to go to where God is rather than asking God to come to be where we are.

In your spiritual arsenal, you have mental weapons and spiritual weapons.

It is not productive to give up after the first few attempts.

It is not productive to give up when setbacks occur.

Persistence pay's off only when we are persistent and keep at the task at hand.

Suffering can wring you out if you are willing to let suffering do whatever suffering wants to do with you. You decide.

When we love a person for what we can get out of him or her, we usually end up disappointed and hurt because the other person eventually turns away when he or she gets tired of being used.

The opposite of knowing what others want and expect is ignorance. Ignorance in relationships brings the opposite of bliss.

The road of Christ is narrow, hard, difficult, and may be without reward until you see Him face to face.

Real faith in the Light of God's tender care results in a positive expectation so strong even impossible expectations can become actual events.

To heal ourselves and heal others we must accept responsibility for our weaknesses. Ultimate spiritual strength completely heals.

Without a strong relationship with God, a personal issue can eat away at us and rob us of our faith, take away our ability to believe, take away our ability to trust, and temporarily destroy our ability to heal. However, every person can have a strong faith in God.

Catastrophic illness, life changing disability, hurtful memories from the past, painful experiences in the past, or obstacles in the present, can mean death or a life of low quality. However, we have Christ who is the Great Healer.

In many cases we can adjust to and work around our adversities.

We can change our opinion about ourselves.

Mental emancipation or mental freedom is your ability to create a free mental life of your own.

Too many people throw away the parts of their life they need to treasure most.

You cannot force yourself to grow physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Growing is a natural process ordered by God with your willful consent.

Christ makes death become the eternal and ultimate light.

When we say the name "Jesus" in reverence and awe, we are saying "The power of Light and love become real within me."

The darkness is the deepest pit of hopelessness. The light of Christ is the pinnacle of hopefulness.

When our faith switch is in the ON position, we get a little glimpse of God, a tiny spark of His love, a tiny microscopic inkling of His healing in action.

The goal or hope of every person must also be tied to living each minute in God's presence.

Unless we renounce our darkness or sin, we carry our darkness or sin with us. Our darkness or sin prevents us from reaching the Light.

If you have guilt today over what you did yesterday, your guilt today means you have grown up enough to see your mistakes.

Giving acceptance means loving another without expecting anything in return.

Moving forward or making progress, by its very nature, means we are always moving into uncharted water.

None of us can predict with certainty or genuine accuracy what lies just ahead.

None of us knows what the future holds, but we have faith Christ is always with us.

To make progress, we must put our fear of failure aside. We must make plans and execute our plans with vigor and enthusiasm.

In truth, we cannot make progress without the risk of failure.

We may not meet the expectations we hold for ourselves. However, not meeting our expectations of ourselves does not mean we are condemned for missing the mark.

Lack of hope generates sinful runaway desires and hungers.

Plan ahead. During a crisis, it is incredibly difficult to plan, to make decisions, and to sort through much of what we have to confront at the time of the event.

To receive Christ's gift of salvation, we must give up on the idea we can gain eternity merely by trying to be a good person.

If we let them, adversities and afflictions will diminish our moments. However, we have a choice.

Happiness, peace, contentment, and love are found only on the spiritual path or "living in the spirit".

Your inner voice lies to you when your inner voice tells you there is no healing.

We must always communicate to others we hear them, understand them, and accept them.

Real hope is the result of what we really, truly believe is possible and what we expect to have in the future with a plan to get to the future.

The talents and traits God has given you can be an indicator of His will for your life.

We find in Christ's suffering and death on the cross, a picture of our own isolation, pain, brokenness, suffering, and separation from God.

Even when penalties are set for breaking a rule or law, people will still break the rule or law.

Miracles happen today just like they happened in the time of Christ. Just because you do not see the miracle happening does not mean the miracle did not happen. The same miracle power is at work today as it was in Christ's life.

The Holy Spirit cannot be bought with money, acquired by works, gained by acting right, acquired by doing handstands, or possessed as a result of any kind of human performance.

If we do not have expectations in the form of ideas, pictures, or images of the future, we will not move forward.

If your mind becomes morally sick, your body will likely follow and also become sick.

When reminders come up to remind us of a past hurt or past wrong, we must, at that very moment, seek God's help to forgive.

Faith gives us confidence God will act and do His will through us.

As a Christian, in a Christian context, when others find out you really do want to help them get what they want, they will regard you with esteem and value.

Without the fuel of hope, overcoming the fatigue put upon us by our adversities seems impossible.

There is suffering in this life but there is only joy in the life to come.

Jesus conquered death by this power of love for you.

By choice, we can extend and maximize our productivity, achievement, success, and well-being into the future.

Although we can go through real disasters of darkness in our life, we have seen Christ who is the Light of the world.

By negating the existence of your spirit, heart, and mind, you give up control over your circumstances.

Instead of putting our burdens upon others, in Christ we must help others even when we need help ourselves.

A life view without hope is pessimistic and unrealistic. A life view without Christ is a life view with false hope or no hope at all.

The point of living is to always strive for a better life regardless of how much darkness and adversity you face.

When discussing chronic illness, the issue of giving people false hope is often raised because people do not want to meet with disappointment.

If we could see into the hearts of all the people around us, we would be appalled at how much others need us to love them and care about them in Christ's name.

If the mind and spirit creates health problems, the mind and spirit under the power of the Holy Spirit can also create health solutions.

When we do not take chances and we shrink back from moving forward, we make no progress.

Winning means showing people you really care about them with warmth and understanding.

Winning means you become and remain the best person God could ever have you be, in the face of what the darkness tries to do to you.

When we are immersed in a crisis, all the old threads tying us to each other are cut off. We feel helpless, hopeless, and as if we have no "lifeline" to anchor us down. Christ is our anchor. Christ is our Rock.

Rather than admit we do not really know why we do not get what we pray for, we invent answers.

We always need a goal before us because we refer to losing our goal after we have achieved success as a "letdown."

Some people charge ahead in adversity and these people are the eventual winners when bad things happen.

When we distrust, we prevent the Holy Spirit from working in our life and in the life of those we pray for each day.

If we expect nothing we get nothing.

When we criticize, judge, label, or condemn others, we put a stain upon our heart.

You cannot really run away from what you carry inside of you. You can do an inner housecleaning with Christ Jesus working next to you to make all things right.

We find in God a hope so great the hope extends into eternity.

You may never have the miracle you want to have in this life but the next life will be one continuous miracle.

When you come to understand God's true nature is one of love, then the sending of His son, Jesus Christ, to die for you takes on a life changing meaning, especially in your times of suffering.

Every action we take produces some kind of result. Our choice of action determines the result we produce.

You may never be able to make the physical limitations and circumstances of your life go away. However, you can control your mind and heart in spite of any limitation.

The unemployment circumstance, the divorce circumstance, the disability circumstance, the grief and loss circumstance, the depression circumstance, the "you-name-it" circumstance can determine who you are, how you live, and whether you have hope for the future…only if you allow these circumstances to rule over you.

Meditation upon the soaring possibilities of life in the here and now or meditation upon life in the hereafter is to be done in private and should not done for show.

No matter whether you make large or small lifestyle changes, commitment is necessary to change.

When you live with heaven in your heart and soul you are making contact with God. When you make contact with God you have finally discovered the secret to all blessings, power, and life in abundance.

Looking forward is the essence of hope.

For Christians, Christ is our defender against the darkness.

To take charge, you must also be able to see your circumstances as well as knowing the facts.

Expecting God to deliver what we want as a result of our faith is a selfish faith.

Caring puts God's cause and effect into place.

When God's love became real in the form of Christ, we did not have to just believe God loved us, we knew God loved us.

We cannot be touched by God until we give our sin to Christ.

When we share God's power the power we share is multiplied. His power then comes back to us many times over.

We can determine our future, (1) by knowing what we want, (2) by expecting to receive what we want, (3) by building our own road map to get to the persons, places, times, and situations we want.

We achieve mental emancipation by remembering the actions of others must not determine our well-being.

Even in the middle of the pain, we can still overcome when we have hope.

In our life we need courage to act when there is no earthly possibility of a good outcome.

When happiness fills our mind, then our body will respond because our body has been immersed in happiness.

When we defeat our inner opponent, we are assured of winning out over every circumstance.

Figuring things out in life can be incredibly simple when we draw a life map.

Our major weapon against suffering is giving thanks for God's blessings.

The purpose of satanic darkness is to push you down, to crush you, and to destroy you in body, mind, soul, and spirit. How will you respond?

When Jesus uses the word "ask," Jesus means opening all of your being to His love.

Your issue from the darkness will beg you and plead with you to stay around.

Our ultimate victory in Christ is achieved as we leave this earth.

Each of our major steps on our to-do list should be broken down into a smaller to-do list. When you conquer the moment, you conquer the hour.

When hopelessness comes, instead of being a passive victim, point your will in the direction of God's unending hope.

In suffering, we have the opportunity to seek peace, love, and hope.

When things go bad, when everything comes unglued, when we are facing incredible adversity…our adversity can make it seem as if we are sitting in darkness.

If you do not do the right thing and you make a mistake, then own up, apologize, and do not repeat the mistake again.

If you don't clear up a matter now, later may be too late.

If you go beyond just Christian talk and start doing the walk, in God, all things are possible.

When you decide to make changes…make your resolution, construct your goals, and then act.

When the pinnacle of our earthly life is reached, our earthly hope is gone, even as we celebrate our success. However, we have a greater hope. His name is Jesus.

We can easily slip into a state of constant depression and darkness without a hope for tomorrow.

To be productive beyond reason, we cannot spend our time trying to do or not do things in the future because we can only do or not do things in the present.

One of the greatest sources of common sense is God's Holy Word.

On the surface, it may seem many Christians are no better off than non-Christians. However, we must look beneath the surface to see the wealth.

When we encounter adversity, one of our mechanisms for protecting our inner core is denial. Knowing about denial can help us accept the truth.

One of the most important decisions you can ever make in life is to refuse to let the darkness "take over" when adversity strikes.

To overcome and defeat loneliness, we must turn our attention away from our own pain. We must turn our spirit toward God and toward others.

The gift of hope is never returned because the gift of hope always fits.

We reach people by listening to them rather than lecturing them.

Defense mechanisms help us deal with personal qualities or motives which lower our self-esteem and heighten our anxiety.

When we pray, we can feel and experience His love and forgiveness inside our heart.

Our struggle is to use our faith powers against the dark powers seeking to destroy us.

Hope can always come alive when we picture the future.

A disaster or trauma is a sudden and great misfortune, a calamity, a catastrophe, or a time of great grief or sorrow. Call upon Christ Jesus in disasters or traumas.

We cannot fully understand the infinite joy, infinite peace, infinite happiness, and infinite love waiting for us on the other shore.

Promise yourself to lose yourself in the pursuit of godly excellence.

If you do not know who you are, your life issues can put a grip upon you thus making you a slave.

One of the essential questions of your life is not whether you may have an issue, but how well you will deal with the issue.

We give away love by being in a state of harmony, resonance, and wavelength with the source of love…God Almighty.

When you turn to God when all seems lost, God hears you and gives you an answer, but you are not always answered in a way you want or understand.

Your relationship with God should be based upon faith and trust.

Our life is filled with small positives. However, when we are in a negative frame of mind, we too often do not look for the small positives, let alone see them.

Positive circumstances not only require no fixing, but positive circumstances can also be used to overcome negative matters, issues, and events.

You cannot build upon a negative circumstance as easily as you can build upon a positive circumstance.

Your negatives are like liabilities.

Your positives are like assets.

In real life, a positive expectation of future events comes about by having a sense of security and confidence in a future event.

When we finally ascend to Heaven, we will be fully and completely healed by Christ's stripes.

If you have no hope, you may never be disappointed, but the cost of living with no hope is devastating.

If we think of winning as winning a prize without much of an effort on our part, we end up being losers because we have not put forth much effort.

To have healing take place, expect the love of Jesus to begin the healing process.

Even if we know where we want to go, we still need to know how far away we are from our destination.

One of our most productive activities is to establish a measure of progress in all we do.

If we think of victory as conquering another person, we end up losing in the end. We lose because we are supposed to empower others rather than conquer them.

In adversity, to achieve all there is to achieve, we need to use our feelings, our intuition, our intelligence, and our will.

To learn more about how you can help yourself is the greatest learning activity of your life.

Christ came to help us, to comfort us, and to give us the power to overcome our obstacles in His eternal plan.

There are no conditions attached to God's unconditional love.

We cannot will ourselves to experience God's unconditional love.

No matter who you are, the more you know, the more likely you will be able to solve new problems and find new opportunities.

The infinity of the Light is all the satanic darkness could never be. Satanic darkness is the absence of all the Light could ever be.

Because you may never live to see all the effects of what you do or how you live, live each moment under God's laws.

God does not let you lean on Him to escape your responsibilities or escape from doing His will, without your paying a steep penalty.

The darkness in us takes us to the point of trying to use God and use people rather than worshipping Him and respecting others.

Living in the spirit of unconditional love may not change one iota of your outer life or your outer circumstances. However, living in a spirit of unconditional love can change everything in your inner life.

As long as our bodies are alive, we are called to extend the unconditional love of God to others.

Our struggle against suffering, and our journey to find healing, is by faith.

If you act helpless enough, someone may come and take over for you. Then you will have no life.

To have integrity requires an inner strength found only in God.

Once we have acquired the necessary basic knowledge in a small unique specialty, we can begin to expand that foundational knowledge base by adding similar specialties connected to our base.

Christ will forgive each of us our trespasses if we will just ask Him as we turn away from our sin.

Without a strong relationship with God, a personal issue can eat away at us and rob us of our faith. Lack of faith takes away our ability to believe. Lack of faith takes away our ability to trust. Lack of faith destroys our ability to heal.

You are lied to by your inner voice when your inner voice tells you there is no healing available to you.

A farmer does not know what kind of harvest he will have at harvest time but the farmer has faith as he plants in the spring.

The positive view of Christ embraces the positive possibilities of life.

We can change our inner life when we calm our minds in meditation.

Instead of predicting our doom, we can choose to think or consider our future in the positive light of Christ's hope.

To be able to turn an adversity into something positive you must have a mindset to find some kind of positive attribute.

Suffering can be no excuse for doing the job God has for you to do.

The kingdom of God is inside of you, not up in the sky or in some faraway galaxy.

Instead of blaming God for adversity and asking, "Why me?" we must ask, "To what end?" Illness, disability, and misfortune are an opportunity to show Christ's power.

The quality of our life is defined by how we use the years God has given us.

To let the Holy Spirit work within our thought processes we must invite the Holy Spirit into our life, into our thoughts, and into our ability to reason and think.

Our present base of knowledge or what we know, along with our skills, abilities, and wisdom, is our most vital resource.

In charting our course into the future, we must take into account real probabilities of events.

When you look inside believing people, you see a shining Light penetrating the darkness within them.

As twisted as the logic may appear to be, someway, somehow, we are to use every adversity to glorify God.

Living in the spirit of unconditional love may not change one iota of your outer life or your outer circumstances.

If you have no way of measuring how far you have walked, you also have no way of telling how far you have to go.

Accepting and loving yourself is a giant step toward healing.

To reach out to others, we must reach out to them and not slither like a snake.

The pinnacle of suffering is when we let ourselves become a new creation through the process of redemption.

A person who needs to fight traffic jams every day should prepare for the adverse traffic by leaving at an appropriate time. Preparation is critical to survive the crisis to come.

Our problems and pains of life demand our attention. During our problems and pains we must consciously direct our life to Christ.

Holding on to hope against all odds is hard. Giving up, losing your faith, and not believing is easier. Do the hard thing.

With a lifestyle excluding God, we lose control of our life, lose all Light and hope, then find ourselves devastated without knowing why.

In our faith, we know and believe the rain of adversity falls on the just and the unjust. What is most important is the umbrella of faith we use.

Your faith and God's wisdom in love determine the answer you get to the prayers you pray.

We do not know why we do not get what we pray for. We rest in faith God knows best.

When God's love became real on earth in human form at the birth of Jesus, all of us could know, with utmost certainty, there is a God who loves us.

Christ's compassion gives you patience in your hour of need.

At any age, in any condition, we always need a goal in life.

We win out in life when we charge ahead of our adversity.

Trusting in God permits Him to work in ways we cannot fathom.

If we expect nothing from God He may give us nothing.

When we criticize or find fault with others we put a black mark upon our heart.

We are filled with hope because through His stripes, we are given the power to be absolutely healed.

Jesus suffered on our behalf, so we can win with an end to our suffering in Heaven where there is never any suffering or pain.

In adversity, when you try to take charge of what you consider to be the unknown, there can be a risk, often a huge risk. However, because you have taken charge, you can take the risk.

To improve yourself, live under the power of God's love by pushing through your adversities.

Because of how they feel about themselves, persons with a weak self-image can burn with resentment toward others.

When you find spiritual healing, you will have the desire to achieve more.


Hope and Light in Christ come from another dimension within our existence.


We are deceived when we believe we have circumstances in our life rendering us helpless against our opponent.


Without Christ living and alive within us, the pinnacle moments of our life can result in the evaporation of our hope as we celebrate our achievement.

Persons are deceived when doubt, skepticism, and physical pain destroy the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.

Never let your uncertainty about tomorrow deter you from pushing ahead.

Just because you fail one time or you fail several times does not mean you will fail again. No matter how many times you fail, try and try again.

You must live for Christ and not for yourself.

In heaven, there are no more unanswered questions.

When you love others with an unselfish heart, you will always help them, always accept them, always serve them, and always protect them for unselfish reasons.

Developing day to day opportunities within our life leads to personal success.

Although you may not deserve to have adversity put upon you, Jesus took adversity upon himself to bring you wholeness and healing in the face of every adversity.

To break the grip of sin and sin's greediness, turn away from the sin, turn to Christ dying for you on the cross, and kneel down before Him in holy sorrow as you give up all you are to Him.

The birth of Christ set in motion what cannot be done in the physical realms…the attainment of eternal life.

When you give hope to others as a form of love, you help others prepare themselves for the future.

In love, Jesus took suffering upon Himself so you would be healed for eternity.

In this life, there is no easy out but a glorious eternity waiting.

Jesus feels the same pain and isolation in His heart you feel in your times of darkness.

Jesus took your suffering upon Himself because He loves you.

Jesus took your adversity to the cross so there would come a time when you would have adversity no more.

Although we are fallen and covered over in sinful darkness, God looks through our darkness. He accepts us, loves us, and treasures us as His very own.

Happiness has nothing to do with the state of someone's life, health, finances, or any of the circumstances in which a person lives. Happiness has to do with our level of gratitude and thanksgiving.

The human factor, human feelings getting hurt or ignored, human ideas getting pushed aside, and human mistakes made in selfishness cause many of our problems.

In acceptance, love becomes a physiological reality and may cure illness.

Jesus is your friend. He loves you in countless ways.

The pain of loneliness can be totally erased when we run toward the presence of God's love and grace.

Each and every day, in your present misery is the reality there is always a better tomorrow.

Our relationship with God should in part be based upon our reaching out for a closer walk with Him.

When we pray we must also reach out in love.

The Light of Christ can illuminate every moment of our darkness.

When you give hope, you show others there is no end in sight within the heavenly realms of love.

In our disappointment over what we see as defeat, unfortunately we can turn selfish and tune God out.

The Holy Spirit is the instrument through whom God and Christ speaks to us, moves us, and inspires us.

The love of God heals, sets men and women free, leads them out of the domination of the darkness, and into the Light of His love.

Assuming the best possible outcome in any adversity represents a true hope there is always a best possible outcome.

God is our supplier of courage. He knows we need courage to travel on paths we have not trod before.

Sometimes we need courage to yield everything to God when we want to keep everything to ourselves.

Because external hope is tied to persons, places, things, or situations outside of your being, external hope can vanish in an instant when adversity and darkness strike.

We can only reach God by renouncing our darkness or sin.

When you are selfish and filled with your ego, you think only of yourself instead of others. Eventually, you crumble under the weight of carrying the consequences of your selfishness.

Some of us have not had the advantages of safety and security. For us, we must build a safety and security net.

To win out over adversity, measure each day by your emotional, spiritual, and mental accomplishments, not by how you physically feel.

It is critically important to focus on growing and getting better no matter what your circumstances might be.

God's fuel of hope in love keeps us going in spite of enormous difficulties and adversities.

If we seek, ask, and knock during our adversity, God will always show us the way, give us the truth, and pour His love into us.

We must all strive to let our best heart, our best mind, and our best soul be the starting point for what we do minute by minute.

Try to penetrate your pain with your attention and awareness.

The decline of marriage and the rise of live-in partners are caused by sin and a loss of hope in marriage as a fulfilling part of life.

One of the greatest challenges in our life is to defeat the darkness or inner opponent within us.

As we meditate, we can become aware of what is going on within us. Then we can make a positive healthful response to what is going on within us.

You may not be given many good minutes, but live the few good minutes you have for all they are worth.

The love of Jesus dries the tears in the eyes of those saddened by grief.

If we do not take care of the "doing" part of taking charge in adversity, the adversity can worsen and take charge of us.

When you pray, you can always believe because God will always answer in His will and in His way.

The pain of loneliness can be lessened by living in Christ's presence.

Christ took on your darkness as He carried your sorrows and grief to the Cross. All so you would someday be able to cast off this life full of sorrows and grief in exchange for His eternity.

By using your power of choice, you can always make the choice to lead rather than to follow.

The heart, mind, and soul refusing to be mired down in one place…thirsting to build or rebuild, will triumph.

The "zone" is a reality where we find strength and power beyond ourselves. In the "zone" our vision of the other side of our present moment is so strong we overcome our present obstacles.

Every person's life has, in a manner of speaking, a theme.

We can read about God and know about God. However, to experience Him is an activity requiring us to be aware of Him within our soul.

If we would all be honest, persons, places, and things can be diversions from our lack of inner peace, joy, and contentment.

As a result of Christ's presence, all of the positive influences in your life work in a powerful way for your betterment.

We all need to let go of the horrible yardstick of perfection we carry within us.

The kingdom of God is within. Within is where He does most of His work.

Christ did not take your suffering upon Himself because God ordered Him to do so. Christ took your suffering upon Himself because He loves you.

In everything you do, strive to use only the best parts of yourself.

You can direct and control your spiritual power when you are in a spirit of prayer.

The way many people live today shows they may believe in God but they have no connection to God in the present or any hope for a connection to God in the future.

To clean up your past you must learn to forgive yourself.

For us not to try to win out over our earthly problems, pain, and issues is to turn away from the Cross and ignore what Jesus did for each of us.

The words "in my name", do not mean just uttering the sounds of Christ's name with our vocal chords. The words "in my name" mean we hear and speak Christ's love resounding in our heart.

In most instances, we too often ignore the importance of developing and using a strategy to achieve small goals because we may think we need no strategy to do small and simple tasks.

God sent Jesus into the world to prove to us He loves us.

We must never be content with things as they are now. We must strive to make things better for all the days to come.

To be successful…we must read only the best books, visit the best libraries, use only the best professional persons, and access the best advice when advice is needed.

With God's wisdom about Satan's devices and schemes, we can see every pain, every hurt, and every heartache of the world is caused by an arrow sent into the heart of human beings by Satan.

Many people feel greedy. In greediness, money is never enough.

We can reach the Light only by being willing to throw away the part of ourselves the darkness has convinced us we cannot throw away.

Our greed, our lust, and our selfishness corrupt our ideas of what it means to win.

Without a positive belief in a positive God, we end up believing either we are at the whim of fate or we end up believing we walk under the wrath of a vengeful God.

One of the first steps in finding and having hope is to look at what is possible.

We must not live in isolation. In the life of Christ, we can see Him always reaching out and touching others.

Jesus comes to us if we ask Him.

No matter what you think of God and no matter who you consider creates suffering, consider suffering a personal test you can always pass.

Your mind can make you well or make you sick.

Learning new skills, new knowledge, and new wisdom must be approached as a race against time because your knowledge base needs to be continually upgraded.

Even in your darkest days and times, God is always trying to influence you.

The idea or attempt at judging how much of the Holy Spirit someone has is both ridiculous and ludicrous.

When God's love became real in Christ, our faith in God and our ideas about Him were positively changed forever.

God is the great rule giver.

God smiles upon those who are righteous, holy, godly, and devout.

Because you cannot run away from yourself or God, it is better to live with His presence from within, rather than trying to find Him in the outside secular world in.

In addition to making godly decisions and planning out your future, you need a map guiding you into your future.

We all know the work of God in bringing the new age of Christ is not finished. We know God's work in this world is sometimes imperfectly implemented by men and women.

Pictures in our mind are power. With no picture or no idea in our mind, then we do not have anything to look forward to.

Productivity, achievement, success, and well-being are determined by what we do with our time right now, not yesterday, and not tomorrow.

In the darkness of our suffering…we can see our way through the darkness because of Christ Jesus.

We too often measure our life by dollars made, location and size of houses lived in, year and model of cars driven, and the stylish nature of clothes worn. In spiritual terms, we are lacking aren't we?

Nearly every advancement in life, even the advancement of learning to walk, talk, read, and write, comes at the cost of overcoming what appear to be insurmountable obstacles.

Each and every day, know who you are and be who you are. As you fight against the darkness in your life, recall how God understands all things.

Any thought delivering hope to your spirit and to your intellect moves you toward a sense of well-being.

Build an alliance with your pain rather than considering the pain to be an enemy. When you befriend the pain you can begin to control the pain.

Meditation upon the ultimate beauty, power, love, trust, and serenity of God brings peace of mind.

Your belief in God keeps your hope alive.

God leaves many of the implementation decisions up to us. God does so to preserve our free will and test us to see how devout we choose to be.

However, we must remember God's instruction manual only goes so far.

The Bible gives us common sense ways to deal with problems and obstacles disabling to normal adults.

Our jobs and professions can often change dramatically demanding our growth.

Living in forgiveness is the only way to live in abundance.

Do your Christian principles, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors square up with observed facts?

Are you operating on successful Christian principles, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors?

Where have your Christian principles, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors taken you on the road to success?

When we feel hopeless, we may have the desire for a better present of future. However, we must have both the desire plus the expectation of seeing a new hope-filled circumstance become a reality.

We always have a choice in controlling our life. In making our choice, we can choose to control our interior circumstances.

You can direct and control the spiritual life force of energy in your body.

When you give the gift of hope, you are giving a gift that is always needed.

Because of Christ's presence, see all the positive people in your life working together in a miraculous way, knowing in advance this picture will become reality.

To succeed we must be willing to give our all to God despite the consequences to us.

Even when faced with the prospect of doubts, misgivings, and self-pity, some action is better than no action.

Each of us can score an incredible victory in our life when we take charge of what is within us.

Each person's ultimate victory in life is to live a full and fruitful life in heart, mind, and soul regardless of physical limitations or circumstances.

We may not be able to eliminate a physical obstacle, disability, or situation but we can eliminate the effects the obstacle, disability, or situation has upon us.

You can run away from everything and everyone except yourself and God.

God gives all of us a way to pursue His hopes and dreams in this life until we reach His promised land full of glory divine.

A religion or religious doctrine should never exclude a person from any of the Light.

Having the new birth means the darkness is wiped out and we are continually renewed minute by minute.

To keep the darkness out and the Light in we must walk both sides of the street at the same time...impossible for man without God, very possible for man with God.

A person is better off finding some enlightenment about God than no enlightenment at all.

The key question in breaking a rule for a larger purpose is the nature of the purpose and who wrote the rule.

In Christ's birth, life, and death, just because the working of God is a mystery does not mean God does not work in your life today.

In Christ's birth, life, and death, you have a new future lasting forever.

In Christ's birth, life, and death, you have a new life now and forever more.

In Christ's birth, life, and death, you have a new outlook on life in the here and now and life in the hereafter.

In Christ's birth, life, and death, you have a new vision of eternity.

When you do not get the material or tangible "stuff" you pray for (the stuff you think will make you happy), pray for spiritual "stuff" to bless others.

The first steps in giving recognition and love to others is to communicate we hear what others say, regardless of whether others say what we want to hear.

When you focus on what is going on within and around you, you have an opportunity to control what happens within you.

You can change your self-image because you are a spiritual being housed in a physical body.

We always have hope with Christ because we are responsible for what we produce, responsible for what we do right, and responsible for what we do wrong.

I will be a connecting link for others to know God's unconditional love.

I will pursue God's will for my life as best I understand it.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel if you are committed to finding the Light.

To win out over the obstacle or adversity you must let your self-pity, torment, and hostility slip away from you by being forgiving.

For most of us, our growth in spirit, mind, and heart is a matter of learning and relearning.

If there is no penalty for breaking the rules, the rules have no force behind them.

To find hope in life when things come unglued, we all need to remember what Christ is like.

All things are bearable with Christ living within you.

Failure is never final unless you desire failure to be final.

We can all be touched by God. In His touch we find our hope for tomorrow.

Jesus conquered the physical limitations of our reality with His love.

Make sure today is a repeat of yesterday's successes.

When you have a forgiving heart, you have peace.

In adversity, strike back, fight back, and make Satan pay!!! Then you can start to dealing with the root cause of your adversity.

For reasons we do not always understand or know, God chooses to act more on internal circumstances than external circumstances.

The most important choice people make in their life is the choice of where they look for hope.

Hope is sustained through giving thanks and counting blessings.

Our loving God, for His good purpose and in His good design, does not give us anything we want.

As you continually try to pay attention in meditation, remember the main task in meditation is nothing more than paying attention.

The lifestyle you choose can bring you spiritual poverty or spiritual plenty.

Your obstacles may never go away in this life. However, in the next life instead of obstacles there will be love, joy, peace, and glory beyond your imagination.

Having a life with a mind and heart with nothing to look forward to is having a life steeped in hopelessness.

Instead of showing us the way to Christ's Light and hope, our material things and our desire for human recognition keep us away from finding Light and hope.

When things go bad in life, we tend to forget about living with integrity. When we have integrity, no matter how bad things get, we do not come unglued.

When overcoming fear, remember everyone is scared. Many people just do not show the fear.

We must maintain our selfhood in selfless ways.

When we focus on anything other than the task at hand, our focus is not where our focus should be.

Upon hearing bad news, there are people who refuse to be victims because they decide they will not be victims.

When adversity causes pain, any kind of pain, strive to make a spiritual profit from everything you experience.

The truth of God inspires us to see His light in the darkness.

When we have a mental image or picture of a person, thing, or circumstance, this mental picture is the starting point of finding, having, and keeping hope.

Tragically, letting go of an enslaving life issue is like letting go of a best friend.

In suffering, when the darkness is exposed, the darkness disappears as we invite the Light of Christ into our heart and life.

Commitment is an act of pledging or engaging oneself to do or to perform.

Your soul is the most important part of you.

The more you think of the need for love in all places at all times, the more love can emit or bubble up from within you.

When you face any issue, be assured you are God's child. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

Our "fate" or destination in life is something we can determine because we have the power to choose.

Because of the tender mercy of our God, His Son of infinite love came to us from heaven. Christ came to shine His Light on those living in darkness in the shadow of death…to guide our feet toward the Door of eternal life.

When you have awareness of your mind you can control your mind.

This life is constructed in such a way we have pain, problems, suffering, and adversity. Yet, in Christ we see a new day just ahead.

Pain is an experience from which you can grow.

We must try to relate to God as a person in Christ, rather than relating to God as a being of impersonal power.

Even the most evil of persons need love.

Death is not the will of God.

Christ was wounded because of the darkness in our life. He was wounded even for the adversity put upon us without our consent.

A so-called "realistic" view of life is too often a dim view full of despair…a view excluding an eternity of love, peace, and happiness in heaven.

When adversity seems to have overtaken us, we have not taken charge of the opponent because we have not marshaled our resources.

Hope gives us the power to bring the pieces of our life together, to be integrated, to be whole, and to be true children of God.

The emotion of love is the most powerful, most hopeful, most healing, and most victorious emotional weapon to win the spiritual war for Christ.

To keep the Light in and the darkness out, we must be willing to do what seems impossible in our physical world…we must be willing to love.

Christ's hope and passion for us is to accept Him and love Him beyond measure.

When bad things happen to good people, the best people still find hope in the darkness because their faith in God gives them an eternal future.

If you cannot fix those who hurt you, you can still love them.

No matter what shape your body might be in at the moment, your spirit is the part of you lasting forever.

We are able to live in spite of our suffering because we have faith. Consequently, our faith gives us hope.

The exterior of our life may stay the same, but the interior of our life, where we give and receive unconditional love, can change if we will give and receive the love.

To keep abreast of current developments in a rapidly developing chosen field of endeavor, we must reduce our area of interest down to a small unique specialty.

Sometimes we need to measure our daily progress in inches or in fractions of an inch rather than in feet, yards, or miles…because our progress can be excruciatingly slow.

Hope permits us to look within, to take responsibility, and to own up.

Many of us fail to realize how much others need us and how much we need others.

The Light has to be kept on so the darkness will be kept out.

Our togetherness as a family of God is a weapon against the darkness.

Real health in both mind and body is possible only if you are both morally and physically healthy.

You achieve the "The Ultimate Victory" only by doing the ultimate good your Lord calls you to do.

A spirit of thanksgiving welling up within us is a spirit of love overcoming the darkness.

Giving thanks is a major weapon against the darkness of suffering.

When we face suffering, we can overcome suffering by counting our blessings.

Some people never prepare for the future. When the future greets them with even minor adversities, those who did not make any preparations are at a loss.

Too many people are willing to throw away parts of their life they need to treasure.

When we follow God's rules, the presence of God becomes real to those who come after us.

The first step in giving recognition and love to others is to communicate we hear and accept them regardless of whether others say what we want to hear.

Quite often, the realization of external hope can bring inner death…the inner death from realizing we are empty inside when all we possess are external fortunes, external fame, and external power.

Keeping your faith in suffering is vital. Out of the miracle of keeping your faith when you suffer, a new, bigger, even better miracle will be produced.

Christ is always reaching out to us to touch us, to help us, to heal us, and to save us.

When we face any issue, at any time, at any point in our life, we need to remember we are not alone because Christ is with us.

By accepting Christ you can become younger in spirit as you find the promise of eternal youth.

We are afraid of what lies ahead in our uncertain times. We are especially afraid in times when we have to face death, sickness, or choices we don't want to make.

Men and women are always given freedom and options in suffering.

In Christ, if we knew all He has in store for us then our spirit would soar into infinity from the joy of possessing all hope in Him.

When people love selfishly, they tragically love others based upon personal benefits others can provide.

In our humility, we must recall we are often wrong about what works and what does not work.

Being able to turn times of no progress into an advantage can result in making times of no progress into unimagined times of real progress.

Any time you are in pain, remember God loves you. He will always be with you no matter how bad the pain may get.

When you find it hard to concentrate, step back and look at what triggers your thoughts and how your thoughts go from one place to another.




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