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Topic: How We Should Pray

We should pray up rather than calling God down because God knows our needs before we ask. When we pray, our spirit is to be directed upward rather than downward. When we pray upward, whatever problems, needs, and issues we face in the here and now can be left in the here and now. When we pray upward, we do not need to ask God to work on what we face each day. Instead, when we pray upward, we let our spirit soar upward to God rather than asking or seeking for God to come down to us. Praying is a matter of taking our spirit and going home to be with our Father in Heaven while we are alive upon the earth. Once we go home to be with Christ in prayer, then we can sit and talk with Him about what we face each day. What is most important is that we are willing to go to where God is rather than asking God to come to be where we are.

When we pray up for others we cast the needs of others up to God. We take their needs and send their needs upward in prayer so God can work on the needs of others and do miraculous things in their life.

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