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Matt. 7:8 "For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

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Mini Daily Devotional Archive

We all have our vanity wanting us to tell and show the world how powerful we are. Yet Christ calls away from our vanity.

Few of the tasks of walking the Christian walk can be done without practice. When we make a mistake, we must pick ourselves up and start walking anew.

What do you really desire? What do you really want? How much do you really desire? How much do you really want? Can you possess a lukewarm "sorta," "kinda," desire to live a godly life and achieve what God wants for you?

To never talk to God does not make sense.

When you look back you can see the good and wonderful or the bad and the awful. You have a choice.

Christ always listens to your prayers, your petitions, and the pleas of your heart.

We need to rest our heart in the Lord's love.

With the Lord's help, in His will, the broken fences of our past can be mended, new relationships built, and old relationships reborn.

God has given you truly incredible gifts.

We are all mistake-ri●en sinners. However, Christ erases all our mistakes if we repent and accept Him as Lord of our life.

Christ's suffering for you was meant to take away your searing pain.

Placing your life in Christ's nail-scarred hands turns you away from bitterness and anger over past hurts and circumstances.

Repentance is not only a process to confront your own wrongdoing, but also a process to confront the wrongdoing others have done to you.

When we are honest, we are conquerors over the darkness trying to pull us down.

Praising God is a wonderful part of spiritual life.

When you fail, glorify God by coming back with renewed spirit and new determination to be successful for the Lord.

When you are willing to follow Christ, you no longer feel a desire to seek out human leadership.

In your daily walk, perhaps you are not permitted to speak about how wonderful the Lord is, but you can show Him.

Only God's way is the sure way.

God lives within every living cell of our body. The Lord lives within our heart, mind, and soul.

Many doors in life remain closed. The door leading you to Christ is always open.

We all need to put our sinful pride and ego aside.

One of the more difficult things about being human is admitting our mistakes.

We are to use our life to glorify God.

In worldly matters, we need to be smart, wise, and use our resources at hand for God's glory.

We have no way to replace the hurt, pain, and humiliation of our past except with the love of Christ.

Far more important than surrounding yourself with friends is to be a friend…to be a friend of faith.

We should be as reverent as Moses. We should understand we stand on holy ground.

Many of the tasks of the Christian walk require years of painful sacrifice.

Satan wants us to shun any daily commitment growing our soul toward Christ. Christ wants us to embrace any daily commitment growing our soul toward Him.

Some persons tragically have no way to measure their life or they try to measure their life with an open-ended funnel.

When you are angry, even angry at God, talk to Him.

Some power over bad things is better than no power over bad things.

We should treat each other as if we value each other as much as Christ values us.

Do not be hesitant about showing God's grace to the rude and crude for fear they will laugh at you. Even if they laugh at you, one or two of them may not.

You cannot use what you do not know you have.

We are children of God.

When we are found, we are in the Great Shepherds sheepfold.

Christ beseeches us to plead with others around us to listen to the loving voice of our Lord.

Love demands we always follow Christ so we do not become lost.

No matter how old you are, nor the conditions under which you must live, getting better every day should be one of your top priorities.

No matter what the score might be on the scoreboard, our God reigns…and we win!

Christ's goal for you is for you to be His child, kneeling at the foot of His cross.

God will do great things for you if you do great things for God.

When we think we will never laugh again, there is the tickle of His love showing us we can laugh, live, and absorb His beauty after all.

We often like change when we are young because change is a reflection of the growth and vitality of our maturation. However, when we get older, change becomes more difficult to accept.

God does not relish the fact you feel badly about mistakes you have made. God glories in your honesty.

Make a special effort to come to know all God has given you.

Thinking poorly of yourself is the result of your ego twisted up to hurt you.

When we are lost, we are frightened, angry, and often bitter over our plight. However, when we are found, we are secure, happy, and we count each day as a blessing to be God's child.

In this life, you remember the hurt, pain, and disappointment, but when the Lord touches your heart, the pain is erased.

The touch of Jesus upon your heart helps you understand His sacrifice for you and helps you sacrifice for Him…even in the face of your terrifying fear.

We all need to get along because we are all incredibly valuable to each other.

Some questions for God are questions running deep into His ways, His reasoning, and His plans for which His answers must remain hi●en from us.

Your actions of healing, reassurance, love, humility, and contrition help break through barriers of sin in others as well as yourself.

A miraculous event occurs when the true love of God fills your pain-filled empty heart.

Each day you can listen to God call your name or you can listen to Satan's appealing call to turn away from God. You choose.

You need others and others need you.

God loves the heart of a person who wants to win under His rules and guidelines.

Christ's touch erases the fear and dread put upon you from terrible people or terrible circumstances.

Your world loves a show. However, God is not in show business.

The people in your world need you to encourage them and give them support. The same kind of support Jesus gives.

When you encourage others, you show the strength of Christ in your life.

As wrong as much of life can be, if we are patient, in the end, God will make all things right, all things new, and all things as they should be.

As we draw close to God when we are hurting, He fills our hurting heart with a peace, understanding, and love not found on earth.

In everyday life, we do not encounter ghosts or a walking Jesus on the lake. However, we do encounter many frightening things keeping us from doing and being all God wants us to do and be.

The easy path of sin can lead to a darkness for which there is no end.

When we see how much Christ loves us, how can we not love Him back enough to give our life to Him?

Love has a way of multiplying itself in mysterious ways…overflowing with love…you must give love away.

Love has a way of letting things happen in God's time.

When bad things happen and doors are closed, one Door is always open.

Nothing helps us come closer to God than making an admission of our failure before Him.

To find fault with yourself because of your sin is to make the condition of your sin problem worse than your problem needs to be. Repentance is the solution.

God does not make demands upon you unless His demands are for your own good.

God creates new things. God has created old things. God is the creator of all things.

The spiritual truth about your life and your world is this…you have an eternity waiting for you.

Your real reward is in Heaven, not on earth.

Trusting God means you trust Him enough to give Him your life.

When you are lost and cannot find your way home, God is your constant guide and your compass.

Even when people go astray, as sheep wander off into places they do not belong, people who go astray are to be loved just as Christ loves us.

When you break or violate the rules of God there are always penalties.

Knowing the rules for living our Lord placed within His Word and within your heart is critical to leading a godly life.

The Lord provides you with the hope to fuel your life.

At the Cross, we find strength to resist Satan and Satan's dark ways.

When anger floods your heart and mind, let the living water of Christ's love fill your life.

With the Lord's help, you can clean up your mistakes.

Our greatest resource in life is God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Putting yourself down is a form of distorted selfishness.

When you do what Love demands, no matter what happens in your life, Christ will always be with you as your treasured friend.

There are no words to describe the infinity and magnitude of our Lord.

We must always remember to keep a balance in our life.

Although you may not know it, people depend upon you to show Christ's light and His truth.

The circumstances of your life can be depressing until you start to think, pray, and meditate upon Christ and your future with Him.

If you let your heart melt at Christ's touch, you can be His instrument of peace.

There are times of grief when it seems grief will never end. There are also years and seasons when joy abounds.

When we look backward in sadness or grief, we strain our necks.

The consequences of disobedience to God are severe.

The Lord will provide you with the wisdom you need.

Jesus is the Light of the world.

When your mind is attuned to the Holy Spirit, you are truly able to be in control of your life circumstances.

All people, even those who have power and wealth, will die. However, we have protection from death through Christ who died to give us eternal life.

True Christian love within your heart does not use others to any advantage. Love sacrifices personal advantage to advance the life of others.

You must do the hard work of building your church and your Christian community.

The simplest smile, the smallest gesture, and the smallest touch can mean so much.

Love is not always consumed with the idea of wrong because love is consumed with making things right.

Over the years, we can lose track of people or we only write to them in our Christmas cards. Let us not forget them. Let us pray for them each day.

Christ came into the world to erase the awful shame and humiliation you may have experienced.

Christ came into the world to tell you hard work produces fruit for the Kingdom of God and fruit within your life.

Christ came into the world to get you to learn to do new things in new ways. Christ came into the world to get you to do old things in new ways.

Christmas is a time to reaffirm your desire to live according to Christ's greatest commandment…to love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might.

The pain of your heart is pushed out by Christ's love and compassion.

Whether you work for wages or not, you get paid in the end according to the Lord's righteous judgment.

The infinite love of Christ can never be fully known or fully understood by us while we are alive on earth.

Living in total humility on earth begets for you a beautiful applause on the other shore.

When you think thoughts of love and kindness, peace will reign within you.

Christ's birth means your heart can be made new because you can be reborn.

Jesus was born so your selfishness would be replaced by unselfishness, causing your unhappiness to be replaced by happiness.

Jesus was born to make God's will your will.

Jesus was born to take away your fear of death as you accept Him.

In the warmth of Christ's manger, remember you have not received even a fraction of your real reward to be found in Heaven.

Many times we must be a warrior, but we are not alone because Christ is with us.

The kind of people we bring into our life determines the ease or difficulty of our life.

Perhaps in your life you know you need to bring the knowledge of Christ to someone but you are afraid to act. Take courage and act.

No achievement of merit happens without a passion to achieve.

No victory for Christ is ever won without a burning desire to serve Him.

With the self-control you have, you can let your mind be touched by the Holy Spirit.

Let us all be busy doing work for the Lord.

The Lord's will is for you to be industrious, to create, and to build according to His will.

Learning about the Lord and learning about your world should be a daily life-long endeavor.

There are times when righteous anger is justified, but righteous anger does not mean anger is just.

Not everyone is privileged to see an angel. However, all the people in your life are privileged to see you, a person who can do angel work.

If you are willing to do so, you can look back and see the Lord's hand in your life.

In every dark hour, when you need someone, you have Christ.

The fullness of your life depends upon what you do with the blessings God gives you.

If you only commit your life and energy to yourself, you may not surround yourself with persons will carry you when you need to be carried.

We can give Christ an incredible gift by giving Him our spirit of obedience.

Our lives are filled with priorities. Let us keep as a priority the keeping of Christmas all year round within our heart and soul.

Every day, give Christ the gift of getting better at being His child.

We should value each other as much as we value the birth and resurrection of Christ.

During the Christmas season, or any season, when you are unselfish, then happiness is the result.

We all stand in Christ's presence. If we are willing, we can be washed clean and redeemed by His blood.

Live a life of devout godliness. You will be paid in heaven for your hard work of staying true to the calling of Christ upon your life.

If we do not get to see Christ's return to earth while we are living, we will live to see His return to earth with a better view from Heaven.

When you talk to God, He listens.

No matter what you have done, no matter what mistakes you have made, no matter what…you can talk to God…and He listens.

You can long to only display Christ's love and compassion to others. When you have this longing, He will live within your heart and life.

Happiness does not come to you via the mail or by telephone. Happiness is the result of the kind of person you are.

The love of Christ makes all things new. The love of Christ puts all things into God's proper order.

As a follower of Christ, do not be surprised when others think ill of you or speak unkind things about you.

Starving souls display acts of silent desperation often seen as a frown, a deep sigh, or a verbal disdain of God's love.

All of us can glorify God, even when we are exhausted and beaten down.

In the silence of our response to changes in life, we can send our heart and prayers to God, asking Him to use us in every changing circumstance.

In a world of change and chaos, we have an unchanging and constant God.

The bonding in our relationships a●s great substance to our life.

The persons we take for granted, like our friends and family, can give us contact with the love we call God.

The Lord has a big eraser ready to erase the hurt, pain, humiliation, and disappointment of your life.

We walk our path of our faith without fully knowing all God is and wants from us. Yet we walk in love.

We may not be able to see into the future to see how future events will unfold. Yet if we look far enough, we can see Christ Jesus waiting for us.

Persons in darkness need you.

No matter what kinds of frustrations appear in your life, love erases them.

Through Christ, we can be empowered with confidence when we are weak-kneed and ri●en with anxiety.

We serve a mighty God who requires our humble service, yet this same God who requires we be humble, also requires we open our heart, mind, and soul to His power that makes our imagination soar.

Our mighty God comes to us in our hour of greatest pain. He tickles our funny bone. He infuses us with optimism and hope when we feel all is lost.

Whether we live in a poor rundown neighborhood or a mansion in Beverly Hills , we need not be separated from our God who loves us beyond measure.

We often ignore God and we do not speak to Him enough. However, He always seeks to speak to us as He tries to pour His truth and wisdom into our heart.

Every human being will die. Even Jesus, who was God made into man, physically died. However, every human being has a chance to live forever because Christ lived, died, and came back to life for each of us.

We live in such a rapid age we expect a quick fix for anything that goes wrong.

We live in an age of childish impatience.

When Satan brings us down, we may have little heart left to praise God. Although our praise voice may be quieted, we can still reach up to His nail-scarred hand.

When we are attacked by the darkness of the world, we must carry our burdens to Christ as we kneel at the foot of His Cross.

As persons of faith, we must continually take our life to Christ.

When we admit our failures, we bring joy to Christ's heart. Then we can experience His joy within us.

If you gave someone a wonderful gift but the person never bothered to open the package, wouldn't you be a bit upset? In the same way, God has given you many gifts yet to be opened.

In wisdom, when we need help, it is smart and astute to get the help we need.

We carry His kingdom within us.

Be the salt of the earth by giving love, giving understanding, and shining the light of Christ's truth into the heart of others.

God loves you deeply and with such force only your surrendered soul can take it all in.

When you give in love, the gift becomes larger than yourself. Angels then sing the praises of your Savior.

When you silence your mind and quiet your heart, you give Christ a chance to fill you with His love and grace.

Advancing age can put you on new ground to glorify Him hour by hour.

It is just like Jesus, in all His wonderful ways, to give us His gift of forgiveness while His earthly life was about to be taken from Him.

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day.

When there is no plan for the future there is only a haphazard and accidental result in living our life.

It makes no difference about what you see when you look backward because looking backward is not what you are supposed to do. What you are supposed to do is look forward.

When we cast aside the parts of us separating us from God, He then helps us in ways we cannot imagine.

Material things do not fill the soul. Only Christ can fill your soul.

Christ's love and compassion replaces the pain in your heart.

The choice we make for God or against God determines our decisions, attitudes, and perceptions.

Every person who walks the earth can shine out like the brightest star in the heavens.

Be still and you can hear God's voice ringing in your heart today.

If we think ahead, we can see or project consequences about our actions.

Your love for Christ gives you the ability to work for a lifetime to serve your Savior. Your love for Christ gives you the ability to serve Him in love with no expectation of any kind of reward, with no expectation of any kind of visible results, and with no expectation of any kind of earthly praise.

Christ's love within you does not take advantage of the fallen or broken person. Instead, His love within you reaches down to help the fallen and broken person recover.

Our mind, heart, and body are attracted to the call of the sinful world. Yet, we can turn away from the sinful world by turning to Christ.

At the Cross, the love of Christ flows down to us. Under His love we begin to see everything in His Light and Love.

When we have friends and family members who persecute us, we must seek out other persons in our church or faith community who show His love, caring and compassion.

Even if we are the only Christian among our friends or family, we must let His light shine out of life.

Our need for Christian fellowship is important, but our need is not as important as Christ's need for us to be His witness and to show His Light in a darkened world.

What we have as Christians, the world and worldly persons cannot fathom.

As a Christian, we can feel the full power of God as His love springs up within us.

Fear is not always a bad thing, especially if we have the fear of opposing God's will.

In your relationships with friends, when you need to take a stand on a moral issue they oppose…take courage and do the Lord's will.

The area of your life where you need a quick fix is the area of mistakes.

Some self-inflicted wounds are so deep a lifetime of daily turning away may be required.

Even when we are caught in a tangled web of sin, Christ's nail-scarred hand reaches down to rescue us out of the terrible mess we are in.

Strive to possess a burning desire to live for Christ. Strive to live to achieve Christ's goals and plans for you.

We do not get as much specific worldly instruction from God as we would like. Our life is like a puzzle. God wants us to use His love and wisdom to solve the puzzle.

You may have heard about a person who makes great achievements in one area of life but who fails miserably in other areas. We are responsible for our whole life, not just a part of our life.

Strive to control your responses in your relationships.

When you are afraid of relationships ending, the great healing power of Christ's love can flow through the life of all the people you know as a result of your prayers.

Our Savior waiting for us just across the way will welcome us with open arms in an outpouring of His love for all eternity.

You can get so busy doing all the busy "stuff" you can lose sight of where you are. With Christ at your side, you will never get lost.

If you live each day with a fire in your heart to be Christ's humble child, you will soar with His spiritual eagles.

Unless we clearly define and articulate where it is we are going in our Christian life, we will end up somewhere else.

Great speeches are made as thousands stand and applaud the words spoken. However, all the words are just noise without love.

Our natural instinct is to take care of ourselves first. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can disregard our natural instinct to put Christ first.

Things can unravel and pile upon us. We can think we have no place to turn. However, we are mistaken because Christ is always calling us to turn to Him.

Generosity abounds in many lives. We must all strive to be generous.

Our world is steeped in sin and corruption. We must, each and every one of us, strive to live in righteousness.

We must be honest and confront the sinful yearnings we feel. Then we must repent.

In His darkness leading to the Cross, Jesus gives each person His light and love.

At the hour when Jesus needed someone, there was no one. At the hour you need someone, Jesus is with you.

If you want to win by doing the will of God you have to know His rules and play by His rules.

No successful church ever survived for long when members only thought of themselves.

In times of persecution and hardship, the commitment of the members of the faith keeps Christ's light burning in the world.

To build up others in Christ's name, we must commit to helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Others may not understand our trials and tribulations. However, we do have a person who understands everything about us. His name is Jesus.

When you encourage others, you demonstrate to others how Christ encourages you.

Patience is the process of waiting on God long enough to see Him work in situations, in places, and in lives where there is no earthly hope of ever seeing God.

Thanksgiving is the process of counting our marvelous blessings even when our heart aches from the traumas and tragedies of life.

We often act as if God does not exist, yet He tenderly calls us to do His will in spite of our rebellion and arrogance.

We do not see God with our eyes, yet He makes His majestic creation visible to us.

We separate ourselves from God, but God never separates Himself from us.

Whether we live in the green grass of Iowa 's summertime, or the brown sand of Arizona 's desert, we need never be alone.

When we place our life into the hands of Christ, we can be uplifted in times of depression and sadness.

Take action against hatred, bigotry, insolence, and the haughtiness of evil by showing love, mercy, and kindness.

Another way of expressing God's goal for you is to speak about God's will for you.

No one would want to experience a crushing defeat in life, but when we do, we know we still have His greatest victory.

When you disobey God's rules and go your own direction, the consequences are what we call, the wrath of God.

It is normal for us to look at the life of others, but we too often do not look deep enough.

In fearful situations, you need to take courage as Jesus instructs you to do.

On the Cross, in His dying moments, Christ proclaimed, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." In our effort to forgive, we must remember our Lord's plea for us.

Christ asks us to come to Him and be His child.

Tragically, as you put off fixing a mistake, you can begin to rationalize the mistake does not need fixing. Fix mistakes now.

Past hurts, past problems, past defeats, and past obstacles are to be left in the past.

There are people who control vast amounts of wealth, but whose personal lives are out of control with sin.

Every ego-filled, power-laden, selfish person who ever walked the earth has died.

When we accept we can never truly have power over death…when we accept we cannot live forever in our body…we can be humble.

When you are silent in your mind and heart, you begin to open your life to God's beauty and His magnificence.

Age brings both beauty and ugliness. We can choose the condition of our heart at any age.

There are times when you do not have the resources you need. However, you have a God who is infinite in resources.

Although each of us wants to believe we would never hurt our Savior, each of us crucified Him.

In your darkest hour, even when everyone has run away, Jesus will be with you…never to leave you…never to fail you.

We have worries, problems, and difficulties we cannot easily handle. We also have a Savior who gives us a strength we would not normally have.

In God's world, when you put others first by building them up, somehow, somewhere, sometime, you are built up in return.

When we come to grips with the truth, we must accept we have little power.

Human lust for power has corrupted souls and destroyed the lives of millions. However, the humble spirit, your humble spirit, can spread over the earth to uplift millions.

Love within does not make fun of or ridicule others. Instead, love places a shelter over those who are made fun of or who are ridiculed.

Age can bring new opportunities to reach out to others with new ways of doing God's work.

The more you hang tough and stay focused on your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them.

We have no way to take out past hurts of our life. However, when we open our heart to God He erases and makes all things new.

When persons commit to unselfishly building others, supernatural forces begin to work.

When we are honest about temptation, Christ will come to help us resist the temptation.

The world you live in is full of darkness, pain, and suffering.

When we ignore God we must rely only upon our own wisdom. When we ignore God we exclude the best guidance of all…His guidance.

When we are in the adversity of tough times, we should deal with the facts and use our faith.

If we lie to ourselves, we put ourselves in a helpless position. Being helpless in lies, we have no power over the way things are.

Christ values you beyond measure.

We all have a vital part to play in the kingdom of God on earth.

If we are honest, we must admit the value of others in our life is immeasurable.

When the ultimate injustice came in the form of the Cross, Christ spoke few words and suffered as the Lamb led to the slaughter.

God is remote from us in many of life's decisions. However, He constantly guides us if we would but listen to His voice.

When things in life look bleak with no hope, no answer, and no way to a better tomorrow, these are the times when God is most needed.

What a hope and what a promise we have in Jesus!

God creates the moments of your life and the opportunities you have each day.

If you make a mistake involving another person, then you must apologize, seek the other person's forgiveness, and ask the Lord's forgiveness for your mistake.

When you have a bad day and feel really lousy, tell the Lord Jesus about how things are going with you.

When you are afraid, go to God and talk to Him.

Too often, we are not quiet enough in His presence to let Him speak to our heart and mind.

Through Christ you can be transformed or made new.

Our measuring cup of life runs over because we cannot hold all the love Christ is.

When Christ came to earth, He showed each of us surrendering to the Lord's will is not easy. However, surrendering can lead each of us to eternal life.

Sometimes, the supernatural nature of God brings fear to the heart of mere mortals like us.

The darkness uses every kind of attack to distract your attention.

You must work hard to be successful in your relationship with Christ and with others.

We have a support person who is on our side who is working for us night and day.

Our God the Father, our God the Son, our God the Holy Spirit underpins us and uplifts us.

We have a support person who is with us no matter what kind of trouble we face.

Your words surrounded by love are a food others desperately need for their souls.

You must do the hard work of living a righteous life in a world slipping deeper into sinful ways.

The Lord has mysterious ways of taking your hurt away by filling you with His love and grace.

As you are able to open your heart and life, Christ is able to do His great will of filling your life.

God requires each of us to use discernment as to whether we should be still or make war against the enemy.

When you have no godly fear you treat God as a thing, as an item, as an instrument to be used for your convenience.

Being still is difficult for many people. In Christ, you can find infinite stillness in His love.

Even if you deny you know Christ, Jesus will come to you and ask you three times "Do you love me?"

Selfishness implodes in upon you.

In your trials, friends and family may be supportive but may not understand you. However, Christ does understand you.

Christ's love finds expression through the comfort you possess in every hurt.

In every terrible moment, Christ can come in and soothe your hurt and pain.

When Christ comes into your heart He brings His love and care with Him.

In your moments of fear, God is beside you, talking to you, and encouraging you to trust Him.

It is better to have a fear of God than to possess a callous and rebellious attitude toward God as so many people have in our day.

What each of us must remember are the Lord's words to "Take courage!"

As we are able to open our heart, mind, soul, and life to God, He is able to fill our emptiness with His love, mercy, grace, and compassion.

It is up to us to lay our heart at Christ's feet and prayerfully ask Him to come in.

When we invest our trust in Christ then He is faithful and will live within us.

Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are good traits when applied properly in a person's life.

Even in doing the Lord's will, fear and anxiety may strike your heart because Satan is against you.

The Lord will give you the power to build godly strategies to win for Him.

You are called to turn away not just from your sin but also from the effects the sin of others can put upon you.

The first leader you should go to in all things is Christ.

God's will is for you to give Him the primary role in guiding and directing your life.

Christ supplies you with all your spiritual nourishment.

God wants us to make a daily commitment to prayer and meditation so we grow to glorify Him.

In every endeavor of life, we must have a clear drawing of our dreams and goals for Christ.

With love, there is always the willingness to wait and see while we trust God to work out details beyond your control.

Love in your soul delights and rejoices in the success of others, even at the expense of your own success.

Love burning within your spirit reaches out and touches the broken to help and to heal.

Live above the dirt of the world. In your daily life, the world swirls in the filth of dirty jokes, pornography, corruption, crime, hatred, bigotry, irreverence, and lawlessness. Live above the dirt.

When you have made a commitment to carry the love of Christ in your heart, however weak and small you may become, you are still His light.

Thanksgiving is a spiritual lifestyle lifting your soul towards Heaven.

Christ gives you the necessary wisdom to make common sense decisions.

Christ is at your side telling you how much He loves you even when a disaster strikes.

We can eternally trust Christ to always be with us and within us.

Life requires a mixture of many attributes for us to be successful. One of the greatest attributes is faith.

When Christ is victorious in our life, our pride, ego, vanity, and lust for power are destroyed.

Obedience to God produces a wonderful peace and joy in our heart.

When we think thoughts of doing hateful and evil things, then violence and war is the result. Thoughts of peace bring peace and joy.

You must not shrug off failed attempts.

Christ expects you to achieve great things for Him.

Christ expects you to give 110% of all you are and all you have in working towards His destination in your life.

There is a non-secret to a happy life. The non-secret is this…happiness comes to you because of who you are (a grateful person) and what you do (continually give thanks).

Continuously strive to serve Christ by giving away His seeds of caring, kindness, and compassion. His seeds will produce a harvest of happiness within your life.

God has a list of things He wants you to do each day. Satan also has a list of things he wants you to do each day. You choose.

If we look at the world and understand the shape in which the world finds itself today, we must question whether humans can think ahead.

We are not all-powerful. Only a mad person would think he or she truly has real power.

The people in the world who live in darkness need you to help them find the Light of Christ's love.

When you carry your burdens to the Cross, you begin to see your burdens are not so heavy.

You may want to do God's will when doing His will is easy, painless, and enjoyable. However, will you do His will when doing His will is difficult, painful, or life-threatening?

No matter who we are or where we are in our life, we must turn away from the darkness.

You can never learn enough, especially about the wonders and wisdom of God.

The daily grind of life is called a grind because we are ground down by all the day to day responsibilities, jobs, and endless details of our life.

When you are in the bottom of the pits of life, you can be transformed by letting yourself be raised to the spiritual heights in the love of God.

With God, you can talk about anything.

God will never turn His back on you.

When times of anger come, immerse yourself in the peace of Christ at the foot of His cross.

Love silences your heart and mouth.

Love humbles you before God and others.

When your life and heart are filled with hope, looking forward is easy.

The more you try to keep yourself for yourself, the less of yourself you get to keep.

Giving away and surrendering up your life to God opens the door of your heart to His infinite love.

We all suffer injustice. We erase the injustice by forgiving.

Love is not easily angered because the focus of love is not upon oneself.

Many times, change in life comes about through tragedy, defeat, or some kind of loss.

When we are with Christ, and He is within us, change may still be fearful, but change can still be managed.

When you can admit your mistakes, you can admit you need Christ.

If you need your roof repaired you can pray for God to fix your roof. You would then be asking God to do for you what you can do, or what another human person can do. Would God intervene?

Christ asks us to be His witnesses to the world and to tell the world how much Christ loves them.

We destroy hatred and bigotry by showing God's love, mercy, and kindness.

God's goal for your life is the same as God's will for your life.

When we suffer a crushing defeat in life we still have Christ's greatest victory…eternal life.

The wrath of God is caused by going our way rather than His way.

When we look at another person's life we do not see even a tiny fraction of what God sees.

When you walk the path of Christ you get glimpses of your future joy, peace, and happiness. You see how Christ is always with you and never leaves you alone.

We collapse in a crumpled heap before Christ because of our sin. Then we su●enly feel His gentle touch of forgiveness in our heart.

Out of our crushing defeat because of our sin, Christ produces His victory within us.

Caution!!! Satan wants you to dwindle down and become more diminished each day.

We have a Support Person who calls us to always play by the rules. We have a Support Person who has prepared an exciting, dramatic, and exhilarating future full of unlimited hope and unlimited joy.

No human leader will give you the peace, love, and harmony of soul Christ provides.

When you choose to build up the persons, institutions, and parts of your life in Christ's name, then you a● to Christ's blessings upon the earth.

We must understand pain has no purpose but to pull us away from God. We must also understand pain will end when we see Jesus in Heaven or on earth.

Every day we must try to see Christ within our universe.

Lift others up, comfort them, and give your all for them.

In Christ we find rest, security, and a friend for eternity.

In Christ we never experience rejection, hurt, or disappointment. In Christ we experience acceptance, comfort, and exhilaration in victory.

When you are honest, you are more likely to express your need for God and for His love.

As much as we need to turn the haunting of our mistakes and misfortunes into ashes, we also need to clean up the mess we make.

Too often, we do not assess what God has given us. We therefore do not fully use His gifts as He intends for us to do.

In the mi●le of your trials, Christ calls you to be His tiny salt crystal making the world more bearable, kinder, and a little more survivable.

In a world needing compassion, Christ calls you to be His ambassador of compassion.

In a world needing forgiveness, you are Christ's emissary forgiving all wrongs.

In a world needing humility, you are Christ's humble servant.

When we take our eyes off Christ by looking at the world and its attractive sin, we set ourselves up for a great fall from the Lord.

Too often, people pray for the pain of life to be taken away without realizing the pain is pushed out by what Christ pours in.

Christ does not leave us as orphans when we invite Him in.

Everyone needs help at some point. Christ Jesus is your first resource.

We walk our path of Christian living by faith. We cannot visually see God. We cannot audibly hear Him. All the while, He sees us and hears our pleas.

Age can bring freedom from trying to prove yourself to the world or to others. In a●ition, as we age we can begin to see God in a more mature way.

Christ may call you to walk into a territory fraught with the possibilities of humiliation as a result of your faith and faithfulness. How will you answer?

No matter where Christ calls you to go in your life, you must never turn back.

The Christian life sometimes brings with it discouragement. However, Christ is our encouraging hope.

Christ's healing touch can and will make any heart new again.

When you walk Satan's easy path you pay a price.

God does not glory in your failures.

We are all born blind to the love and reality of Christ because we are born selfish, egotistical, and self-centered.

When we survey the wonders of God's blessings in our life, we find His infinite love pours out His infinite blessings upon us.

Every moment is a created gift from God.

To live life in reality we must be honest in knowing what is happening inside of us and within our life.

When your past has killed your hope, reconstruct a vision for your future as you leave the past behind.

God has rules, but tragically, we too often choose to be disobedient and go our own way. Repent now and follow His way rather than your way.

Christ may need you to walk on paths no one else would want to tread.

You must always be relentless in doing God's bi●ing.

Bringing the right kind of people into your life can be a stepping stone to success.

Our natural inclination is to put ourselves first. Christ calls us to put others first.

Christ is always with us because He knows there are times when we cannot stand and face the adversary on our own.

When we repent we must turn away from our sin. We must also turn away from what the sin of others has done to us.

The more you care about others, the more others can follow the example you set for them.

When we truly take all our hurt to Christ hanging on the Cross, our hurt goes away.

Many times, we need to hear a word from God telling us not to be alarmed because fear is a part of our daily life.

Money cannot help you get closer to God.

Giving God the glory is not easy, but we are called to bear witness to His glory and grace.

Your infinite God can destroy physical obstacles and vaporize barriers no one else can touch.

The more you follow God's rules, the more peace, love, caring, and compassion you will receive from Him.

When you disobey God's rules and go your own direction, the potential consequences are called the wrath of God.

The willing suffering of Christ on the Cross was done so your own present suffering and trials would be soothed and comforted.

God's will for you and His goal for you are the same.

We tell ourselves we are doing God's will, even when we are doing our own will.

Even when we do not always understand the mechanics of what the Lord does or how He does it, His joy comes to us.

When you speak to others your words send life changing messages to them.

People need your words of love to survive.

God gave you a beauty to shine like the stars of the heavens by sending out words of love.

In every moment of your life, with the Holy Spirit, you can strive to control your responses to pain and adversity.

When we prevent things from slowly unwinding in our life, we keep track of where we are, where we are going, and where we have been.

What a wonderful gift God has given us in the form of being able to think ahead.

When we are honest, we are able to face the facts. When we face the facts we have power over what the facts tell us.

Regardless of your age, each day should be a day committed to learning and growing. God did not create your mind to acquire information only while you were young.

We do not mean to get lost on purpose. However, finding your way home must be done on purpose.

Many times in life, doors are slammed shut in our face. However one Door is always open.

You can glorify God even when the darkness of the world wants you to ignore Him, curse Him, and mock Him.

Every living cell that ever lived, every particle that ever existed, every atom in every molecule, every electron circling around every nucleus…from the very beginning, came from the thought of God.

Every part of you came from God.

Love melts down all the selfish underpinnings causing pride to form within you.

When we take our hurt to Christ, in willingness to turn all of our life over to Him, a miraculous event takes place in our heart.

Even when we do not know all we want to know, the Lord is there to help us.

In a world full of sin and darkness, remember to be a friend of faith to others.

Warning!!! When you make a mistake two or three times, you are likely to keep making the mistake again and again until the mistake is a part of your life. Fix mistakes before mistakes become a habit.

If we remain ignorant about what is inside of us, we ignore what is going on in God's temple.

With God, we cannot get help on our terms. With God, we can get help only on His terms.

God's healing love through the Holy Spirit flows over our life when we are in pain.

When will Christ return? We do not know. Perhaps God must follow universal conventions or rules He set down at the beginning of time.

In pain, we have a hope greater than the suffering.

We know what God's will is when we are confronted with temptation. What we do next is crucial to show Christ how much we love Him.

We cannot turn away from the dark influence of Satan if we continually feed Satan's influence to ourselves.

You are the person who can show others Christ's redeeming love and grace filling every heart with love, hope, happiness, and peace.

Love makes us soft, kind, and gentle.

In God's love, there is no evil.

Your life is like a stone thrown into the center of a pond sending ripples out many times farther than the initial impact point.

When you admit your mistakes, you take wonderful steps toward being Christ's humble servant.

When you mistakenly put yourself down, you put down a wonderful creation placed upon the earth by God.

We are all born selfish. However, we get older, and with God's loving hand upon us, we can learn to unselfishly love and care for others.

When the spirit of Christ's love springs forth in your life, streams of living water bring you healing, love, and mercy.

Love demands we be mature people.

Repentance for some may take the form of a daily battle against the powers, forces, and evil spirits inhabiting the world.

Some have sinned because of the hurt, degradation, and violation of their heart, mind, and body by others.

Make doing the Lord's will in all you say, think, and do your highest priority. Then seeds of love will germinate and produce Christ's happiness in the form of joy and peace in your soul.

We do not always want to know the truth. This is why Christ brought us His truth.

When you choose to build up rather than destroy, you bring healing where there is sickness.

Nearly every human achievement requires you practice.

Love is outgoing and outward flowing.

God's voice is small and quiet. However, we too often want a quick and loud voice to give us guidance. If we look within, we can find His small quiet voice.

The power of love is unstoppable. The power of love does not know of any hindrances to the power.

Love protects so others may come to know God is love.

Our battle in life is between running our life our way or letting God lead us to run our life His way.

Without any question and without any doubt, God specifically wants us to do His will.

As the Lord's worker in His service, we must be a calming and assuring influence in the life of others.

Today, survey the wonders of God in His creation on the earth. Then, survey the wonders of His love within.

The glorious day of Christ's return is a day we can all anticipate whether we are alive on earth or alive with Him in Heaven.

At various times, the Lord can work in funny and humorous ways.

As the Lord's blessings begin to pour over us we can exclaim, that indeed, our cup runneth over.

The fullness of our life depends upon the measure we use to measure His blessings. If we use no measure, we can seem to have no blessings.

The human race is unique because we can plan and think ahead.

We can dream, envision, and formulate goals for the future. What goals have you dreamed, envisioned, and formulated in the past? What goals have you dreamed, envisioned, and formulated for your future?

We should all have the same godly fear Moses had. To have godly fear means we respect the power of God.

When there is trouble in your life, do not hide your faith, but let your trouble be a reason to commit your life anew to Christ our King.

Without whining or complaining, you must do the hard work of glorifying Christ in all you say, think, and do.

Living a life of peace and joy, even in suffering, is a matter of making choices about whom and what is important to you.

The leader of your personal and spiritual life should be your Great Shepherd.

We should all have Godly fear.

Even when you violate the rules of God without intention, there is still a penalty.

We can very easily get lost in life.

When you come to realize Christ gave all He was for you, and you then give up all you are for Him, a transformation takes place within you.

God is not only the electron and the nucleus, He is the space in between.

In Christ's glory and grace…we are new persons…we are new persons who know the victory of His salvation…we are new persons with a new life.

God's rules help us live out our life so His love multiplies in our heart.

If you only have a lukewarm desire to live for Christ it is doubtful you will reach His mountaintop.

If you are truly doing God's work, no matter what your role might be in His kingdom, giving up is not an option.

Love does not contain disappointment. Neither can love be held back by disappointment.

Although you may not want to be taken to new ground, with Christ as your Great Shepherd, He can lead you into new pastures where you will grow anew each day.

Your Christian walk is often a rough road but you have a Guide to help you.

If Christ wants you to venture into dangerous territory, do not be afraid.

As a Christian, pass along encouragement to others, as you find encouragement from Christ.

Giving thanks is a life giving process of surveying the wonders of God's beautiful love.

Every day is a new opportunity to do all the tasks God calls you to do.

We should all live as if we are standing on Holy Ground…for we are.

Be swept up in Christ's touch of the divine upon your life. Be immersed in Christ's love each day.

Christ understands everything you will go through in your life today and in the future.

Christ did not come into the world to stir up trouble. Christ came to call you to be one of His saved children.

Christ was born so you will know God never turns a deaf ear to you.

Christ was born so you will know God always understands and He always cares.

Christ was born so you would talk to Him and come close to Him.

Christ was born for you as if you are the only person on earth.

Christ was born so you know you have one true God who loves you more than mere words can ever express.

The hard road of Christ leads to a time of unending joy, unending peace, and unending happiness.

With Christ living within you, you can face every terrible moment with the same courage Christ had when He was arrested.

Knowing in advance the suffering He was to endure, Christ came into the world to die for you to give you eternal life. Christ came into the world to make sure you would never be deserted as he was deserted in His final hours.

When we truly see the suffering of Christ on the Cross, we experience a crushing defeat. When we repent of our sins and accept Christ as our Savior we experience an exhilarating victory.

Obeying the rules God has placed within the order of all things brings us God's definition of greatness.

In Jesus, in God, and in the Holy Spirit we have a friend.

In place of the scars, Christ writes notes upon your heart words of His love, care, and compassion.

Praising God often takes special effort on your part because the satanic darkness of the world tries to drag you down.

Most questions we send to God already have an answer in our heart…we just do not want to admit we know the answer.

If you have a friend, a true friend, you should talk to this person on a regular basis.

Being still and letting the Lord fight for you is best done while you fight off the darkness for Him.

At the hour when Jesus needed someone, there was no one. At the hour you need someone, Jesus is with you forever.

Christ knows all about your every thought.

No one would want to experience a crushing defeat. In Christ we have the ultimate victory.

At the end of the Christian journey a most beautiful reward awaits us.

The faith of your friends can cause Jesus to act just as He acted two thousand years ago.

You are standing in front of God all the time. The Lord knows all you do, think, and feel.

Even when circumstances crumble in your life, the more you know, the more power you have over your circumstances.

We all fail. However, we must never accept failure as if failure is inevitable or acceptable.

In receiving help, the most important part is to let yourself be helped.

After godly fear, then comes the touch of Jesus with the assurance you have nothing to fear.

The depths and extent of Christ's infinite love seem hi●en from us because we cannot fully comprehend the infinite.

Everything we think about has a consequence.

If you will ask, seek, and knock on the door of the Lord's wisdom, you will get your answer through His word.

Salt a●s to the taste of food. By following Christ, you a● taste to a tasteless world.

When fear grips your heart you become frozen. The touch of Christ thaws out your heart.

The touch of Jesus upon our heart helps you be His child without fear of Him.

In Christ's love and grace, instead of being lost you are found.

You are set free when you are honest.

When you experience Christ's Light and Love, temptation and attacks by the darkness dwindle down.

When you long to be obedient to Christ's will, you are next to Him.

To receive help from God, you must put your soul, your life, and your heart into a position where He can work in you and through you.

Remain in Christ. His love and peace will help dispel the anger brought into your life by the great destroyer.

There is a time for righteous indignation and anger when you see injustice.

Real love in Christ is centered upon others rather than upon ourselves.

The Lord gives you enormous courage so you will let Him have His way in your life.

Godly fear always brings respect, awe, and reverence toward God.

Even when your life is burdened down with heavy weights pulling you down to the utter depths, others can see Christ in you as you continually battle to commit your life to Him.

You can pour out Christ's living water with your smile and handshake.

You have a point of contact with God. Your point of contact determines the avenue of your decisions, your attitudes, and your perceptions.

Christ called your name so you would show others His love. Christ called your name so you would beam His love into their heart.

Love can be the substance of your every moment. Love makes every moment worth living.

In living your life of faith, there are many circumstances and events you cannot control. What you can control is whether you have Christ in every moment.

Commitment produces great fruit in God's kingdom.

When your new life in Christ begins, your old life goes away under His transforming power.

When we accept we have little power, we are then free from the lust for power.

The lives of countless people could remain in darkness if you do not witness for Christ.

Christians sometimes get discouraged, for we are just a remnant. However, our tiny remnant can change the world through Christ.

When you long to be Christ's child, He will live within your heart and life.

Christ speaks your name every second you are alive.

Since Christ cannot be upon the earth in person, He put you in charge of being His beacon to others within your world.

Today, do not refrain from holding the hand of the lonely, or refrain from comforting the grieving.

When we think enough about Christ, when we meditate enough upon Him, and when we pray enough to Him, we feel an inexpressible and glorious joy.

God keeps some things secret from us to benefit us, to help us grow up, and to help us mature into the full person He always wants us to be.

Christ knocks at the door of your heart. He wants to come into your life to fix all that is broken within you.

For just a few moments each day, take a little time to sit down next to Jesus. In the silence of those moments, let Him show you where you have been.

For just a few moments each day, take a little time to sit down next to Jesus. In the silence of those moments, let Him show you where you are.

For just a few moments each day, take a little time to sit down next to Jesus. In the silence of those moments, let Him show you where you are going.

Our lives are filled with tasks and "to do" lists leaving us exhausted at the end of the day. On God's "to do" list for you is a task called daily growth.

God gave us the ability to use our mind's eye to see a picture of what does not exist in the present moment. What an incredible gift!

Each of us is called to testify about the saving power of Christ in every way possible.

Every day is a day you can dedicate to Christ's worship, to His love, and to His redeeming grace.

Christ understands everything you have gone through in your life.

The vision of Jesus coming back to earth on the clouds gives all of us hope.

Even if you turn away from Christ, He constantly calls out to you to turn back to Him.

With love, there is no urgency to hurry up and get things done for earthly approval.

With love in the sinews of your soul, you rest in God's hand. In His love, if things do not work out as you plan, let Him work things out as He plans.

Love has a way of coming back to you if you do not expect a return.

Love is a task master of godly production producing godly treasures.

Love gives you a way to see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together when chaos reigns in the heart of those who have not love.

We live in a hostile world. Our great defender and protector is Christ our Lord.

Have you ever been deserted? In our life, we all have moments when we are totally alone. However, we live under a deception if we ever think we are totally alone because Christ is always with us.

In ultimate maturity we count every burden as a joyful opportunity to serve our Lord.

The person who has fancy cars, clothes, and houses may be smothered in debt and buried in misery.

God created a way for each of us to have a new life, a new beginning, a new day, a new hope, a new dream, and a new way to serve Him. The way is Jesus.

We are to show others the result of our faith rather than showing ourselves.

When comfort comes to a lonely person because of your presence in their loneliness, make sure the lonely person understands your presence is a reflection of Christ.

Regardless of our present circumstances, when we have Christ within us, then His Light and His Love transforms our gloomy days into sunny ones.

Words fail to change the way things are in your life. Only Christ's love changes things.

You must carry Christ's love within your heart as you serve Him with relentless fervor.

We must remember the same rules and guidelines for building a productive work life also apply to building a productive life. The rules apply at home, at play, with our family, with our friends, and with our Lord.

You may sometimes be tempted to run and hide, for the world does not honor the Lord's love and truth. However, the Lord is with you when you stand for Him.

When your faith has helped restore the lost person to wholeness, the lost person needs to understand how Christ has been working in his or her life.

No matter who you are, you carry burdens from your past with you. However, Christ will help you lift your burdens.

In the life of most people, there are times when things break. However, Christ is the great restorer and repairman.

Nothing happens for Christ without your desire to do His will.

You are the preservative keeping the world from unraveling and falling apart.

Without your beaming out His love, the world would be in even greater darkness.

We are not to draw attention to ourselves. We are to draw attention to the Light of our Lord who lives within our heart.

You must be relentless in doing God's will.

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