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Previous Message From Virtual Church

Myra's Thoughts

Myra is not her real name. However, the person in this story named Myra is real. I made up the character of The Visitor. However, the wonderful part about this story and The Visitor is that my imaginary character of The Visitor and the encounter between The Visitor and Myra pales in comparison to the last event, the sailing home and meeting Jesus event, in Myra's life. What is not fiction in this story is that Myra was born with multiple disabilities. What is not fiction in this story is that Myra was born with deformities and other conditions that kept her from speaking, and kept her from walking like others. Myra has never been able to lead anything close to a normal life. Myra is getting up in years now. There will come a time when Myra will come to the end of her earthly life. This story is an imaginary account of Myra's last few minutes on earth.

At the end of her life, Myra will meet The Visitor. There will come a time when The Visitor will sit down next to Myra and they will talk as Myra has never been able to talk before. That time is now.

The Visitor: Hi, Myra. I have come to give you a gift.

Myra: She doesn't know I can't talk. People don't like it when I can't talk. I wish I could talk like everyone else.

The Visitor: You don't need to talk because I can hear your thoughts. It is sort like reading someone's mind.

Myra: She is a strange woman. She is beautiful though. She gives off a glimmer or light.

The Visitor: I give off a light because of where I come from. Myra, I want to take you home.

Myra: If you know me you know I don't have a home. I only had a home when mom was alive. Mom died so now I have to live in this awful nursing place.

The Visitor: Yes, I know about your mom. She is wonderful and healthy. She is young again.

Myra: Can you really read my thoughts?

The Visitor: Yes, I can really read your thoughts. And even if you were deaf I could still talk to you. If you look at me while I am speaking you can see my mouth is not moving when I speak.

Myra: Yes, I see you talk without moving your mouth. Are you a ventriloquist?

The Visitor: No, I am a special person sent to take you home. You have had a lot of difficulty in your life. Too much difficulty, but now it is time to be free and young and healthy.

Myra: I can't go anywhere. I have to stay here in this awful place. I don't have a home to go to.

The Visitor: Myra, I am an angel. I've come to take you to heaven. Your journey on earth is over. It is time to be young, and vibrant, and free of all your burdens.

Myra: I don't want to go. I am afraid. I could get lost. I have always been lost. I get so scared when I get lost I can't think or act. I get shaky and people point at me, laughing at me.

The Visitor: Don't be afraid. I will never leave you. Where you are going God and Jesus will always be with you and you will be with them. Where you are going, I and others like me, including your mom, will always live there and never die or never leave.

Myra: Why didn't God make me normal? I have suffered all my life. I am ugly and I am ashamed of who I am. I am crippled. I can't talk. People shun me or patronize me. Why did God do this to me?

The Visitor: God does not do bad things. God did not do any of these bad things to you. It was the other one. It was the other power who did these bad things to you. When you see God and Jesus, you will see only joy, only love, only light, and only purity beyond purity. In the heart of God and Jesus there is only good. There are some things even those of us who are angels do not know. However, I think I know a part of the answer God and Jesus would give to your question. What God and Jesus would say is that light is to be brought into the darkness. The important thing is not what the darkness does to you but what you do in the darkness. What you have done in your life on earth is bring gentleness and a heart of joy in the darkness in your life. You bring into the darkness your heart of faith. You have been in church every Sunday your whole life except when you were sick and could not attend. You reminded people, just by sitting silently in church, they need to thank God every day for what they have. You, by being there, gave them the joy of thanksgiving. You helped others appreciate people who are less fortunate. You inspired people to pray more. You inspired people to believe more in God and in what God can do in the world. God did not make your body like it is but God made your heart, your soul, and your spirit. You have blessed God. You have blessed others. No one could do more with what they have than you have done. Because of the way you have led your life, because of the joy and light you have brought to the world, there are thousands of others who are not as lonely as you have been. You have done so well living your life. You will be rewarded by God for your sweet life and your sweet soul as no one could ever be rewarded. Shortly, Jesus will show you and tell you about how proud He is of you. You carried your burdens with grace and love. Of the millions of God's children on the earth, there are few who merit God's pride as you have merited God's pride.

Part of my job as an angel is to sometimes give people promises. God gives me promises to pass on to people. God gave me this scroll of promises to read to you. God is really big on scrolls. I'm going to unroll this scroll and read to you a list of promises God makes to you. This list of promises was written just for you.

Promise Number 1. Myra, I know you felt lost most of your life. But I have always been with you. I promise you, for the rest of eternity, I will always be with you. I have always known where you were in the past and I will always know where you will be in the future because you will always be with me. I promise, you will never feel lost again. You were always in our eye. I promise in the future, we will walk and talk together just like you are talking with my special angel now.

Promise Number 2. Myra, I know on earth you have never felt welcome. I promise, for the rest of eternity, you will feel welcome in your new home in heaven. I promise you will never feel like an outsider again because you will always feel like you belong.

Promise Number 3. Myra, I know on earth you thought you were ugly because of your deformities and your crippled body. However, I promise that in your new home with me in heaven you will be as beautiful on the outside as you are beautiful on the inside. In heaven, beauty isn't a matter of what you see on the outside, beauty is on the inside. Beauty is in your soul. To me, as you walked on the earth, you have always been and are right now a beautiful person. You have been and will always be beautiful to me. On earth and in heaven, your beauty shines out like the stars in the heavens.

Promise Number 4. Myra, I know you have had a life of pain and loneliness. I know you have been downhearted and lonely nearly every day. However, I promise you when you come home to heaven you will never, never, never, be downhearted and lonely again. In heaven, every heart is a part of Me and I am a part of every heart. Here, there is joy unending. On earth, I was always with you even when you did not know it. Every second you were alive, I was right beside you, above you, below you, and all around you. I promise you when you come to heaven I will never leave you or be a apart from you.

Promise Number 5. Myra, I know you have never really had a home since your mother died. Your mother has been with me for over forty years of earth time. I know you have had to move from one place to another and I know you did not like any of these places. I know you had to go there without any choice or without any say in where you had to live. However, I promise you when you live with me in heaven you will be home as you have never been home before. I promise you, when you live with me in heaven and there is something you don't like, I will change it and make everything absolutely perfect. I have built you a new home of your very own. Your new home does not belong to anyone except you. Your new home is so great and grand you could not describe it in earthly words or thoughts.

Promise Number 6. I know in your life on earth you never felt loved by anyone except your mom. I know your heart ached when you saw others get married, have children, and then grandchildren as they led a more normal life. However, I want you to know I have always loved you. I loved you in a way no one could ever love you. I have always loved you in spite of who you thought you were, in spite of your selfishness, in spite of your wrong thoughts, in spite of your doubts about Me, in spite of everything, I have always loved you. I promise you, when you come home to heaven, you will be totally immersed in my love, and surrounded in my love, and you will be a total part of my love for eternity. You will live in my love for you that is greater than the universe. You will live in my love for you that is greater than all of creation.

Promise Number 7. My sweet Myra, I know during your life on earth, people did not always want to be around you. I know people felt uncomfortable around you and you knew how people felt. However, with me, you were always number one. You were and will always be my favorite. When others were reveling in their popularity and you were on the outside looking in, I was with you and counting you as my best of the best. I promise, when you come home to heaven, the light of your soul will shine in your corner of heaven forever. I promise you will feel the love of others and others will feel your love forever.

Promise Number 8. My dearest Myra, when people looked through you and did not see you, I saw you. I saw all of you. I saw your pain. I saw your hurt. I saw your loneliness. I saw your hopelessness. I saw your desires. I saw everything there is to see about you and I loved you then and I love you still. I promise you when you come home to heaven no one will look through you any more. With me, in your new home, you will never hurt but you will feel only joy. You will never be lonely but you will feel only an all consuming love. You will never feel hopeless but you will see every hope become reality. Your heart will be filled to overflowing with my love and grace forever and ever.

Promise Number 9. When you cried because of the way things were in your life, I was with you, pouring my love into your heart. I promise that very shortly, when we see each other, I will give you eternal happiness. I promise to give you complete and eternal happiness no one on earth could ever imagine. I promise your heart will soar forever. I promise you will jump and shout with joy for hundreds of years of earth time because you are so happy.

Promise Number 10. When you were treated badly by others I was with you trying to comfort you. When you were treated like a thing rather than a person, I was with you giving you faith and giving you hope for your time in Heaven. You are my whole child. You are my person in whom I placed a heart, soul, and spirit. You live, breathe, and have your being as my very own child. In me, you have a personhood not possible in any other way. I promise, when you come home, your spirit will blossom forever like the flowers of spring. I promise, when you come home, your blossoming spirit will always be fresh, new, and never fade.

Promise Number 11. When you were in physical pain no one could do anything about, I was with you and tried to comfort you. I promise, when you come home, there will be no more pain. There will be no more suffering. There will be no more anguish. You will be free of all distress. You will have infinite peace. You will have infinite joy.

Promise Number 12. When your mother died and no one wanted you and your life caved in on you, I was with you preparing a beautiful home for you with a beautiful garden. I promise to give you an eternal time of exhilaration. You have in store for you a new life, a beautiful life, a life full of love, and power, and promise, and unending hope. You have a new life where there are no disappointments. You have a new life waiting.

Promise Number 13. On the earth, you have had a life where there was little hope of things ever getting better. I promise when you come home to heaven, every hope will turn into reality. When you come home to heaven, every thought of the future will turn into infinite beauty and infinite love.

Promise Number 14. I know there were so many, many times when you never had a choice about things because you were pushed around by people and by life. I promise when you come home to heaven, you will have infinite choices and infinite time to make them. When you come home to heaven, you can choose something new every second.

Promise Number 15. On earth, you were never able to live on your own, but I promise when you come home to heaven you will have the power to live forever without having to depend upon anyone else. You will have unlimited power. You will have a power steeped in love no one knows about on earth.

Promise Number 16. Myra, on earth you were crippled and could never walk or run like others, but I promise when you come home to heaven you will be able to walk and run forever. You will be strong and healthy forever. You will be young and full of vigor forever.

The Visitor: Myra, these are promises God is making to you. Do you understand these promises?

Myra: Yes. Am I going to die?

The Visitor: The person you are will live forever. The heart and soul you have will live forever. The part of you that thinks, and feels, and observes will live forever.

Myra: When I die, do I have to go through a dark place? I am terrified of dark places.

The Visitor: Have you ever heard of a mobile home? The kind of home they can move from place to place?

Myra: Yes, I know about that.

The Visitor: Well, instead of you going to your new home, since you are afraid, we are going to bring your new home to you. See your bed over there?

Myra: Well, yes but what are all the roses doing on it? My bed is growing roses. How can this be? What will I do when I need to lie down? What will I do when I get tired and sleepy?

The Visitor: Myra, you are never going to get sleepy or tired again. The wonder and love you feel right now is a wonder and love you will feel forever.

Myra: I feel like I did when mom held me on her lap at home. I feel like I am home.

The Visitor: Here, look in this mirror.

Myra: Who is that in the mirror? She is beautiful. She kinda looks like you.

The Visitor: Myra, it is you. You are the person in the mirror. You have been changed. You have been transformed. You can walk and talk and run forever and never grow weary. Myra, you are home. You are in heaven. See the walls of your room being changed? Now just outside the door, there is someone who wants to tell you how much He loves you.

This story first appeared in February 2005, in the Virtual  Church web site at


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