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A collection of thoughts, prayers, meditations, quotes, poems, phrases, and
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Can a person build a house by accident?
Can a person build an airplane that defies gravity in the air by accident?
Can a person build anything or make anything by accident?
Can a person assemble the pieces of anything and then stand back and let the pieces of anything assemble themselves into something else?
What does it take for a person to build a table if all the parts are already made and laying in front of the person in a kit form?
What does it take to make the piece of a table kit if the wood from a tree is still in log form?
If you have the pieces of a table kit but do not care if you build it, will the kit build itself?
What part does intention play in assembling something?
If there was no great intention in the universe to assemble the universe, could the pieces of matter in the universe have assembled themselves?
If all the pieces of matter in the universe are made up of other smaller pieces of matter, and these pieces of matter are made up of smaller ones, and we keep getting down to the very smallest piece of matter there is, could these tiny pieces of matter assemble themselves into anything by themselves without any outside force acting upon them?
When these pieces of matter (the smallest of the small) could these pieces assemble themselves into something bigger, and then we keep going upwards in size, could anything, anywhere assemble itself into something else without some previous thought and intention?
Is there any way we can get the matter of the universe from nothing?
Can we get something from nothing?
Once matter was brought into being…
Once the joining together of matter came into being…
Was there a guiding force to guide the existent matter into intelligible forms so the matter would stay together?


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