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A Special Story
Unanswered Prayers

Why doesn’t God answer my prayers like I need them answered?

Ministers and other godly people often have knee jerk reactions to this question. This question is asked by millions of people in a sincere manner. Millions of other people may not ask the question outwardly but the question lingers around in the back of their mind. Too often, the people who ask this question are made to feel guilty because the question implies a doubt of faith, or a questioning of God’s judgement. One of the favorite responses of the clergy to this question is that God does answer every prayer. The problem people have is that for many prayers, God answers "No." This answer is an answer. It is not a good or appropriate answer because the question being asked is "Why" God does not answer prayers. The "God answers all prayers response" does not come close to even trying to answer "Why?" Today, we will try to give an answer to this tough question with a story. God has reasons why every prayer is not answered like we want it answered and most of us know why, but sometimes we do not. The following story is so likely to be true that you will know that the truth it contains is truth. You will know the truth of the story is truth, even if the names and places are made up.

A little girl named Josey, at the age of 11, was riding in the car with her mother. There was a terrible auto accident. Both Josey and her mother were terribly injured. Josey was paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. Josey’s mother died three months after the accident due to complications from her injuries. Josey was devastated and remained in a state of mourning and shock for months. One day Josey heard a TV evangelist utter the phrase, "Expect A Miracle!" The phrase kept going through Josey’s mind and she thought more about what expecting a miracle meant. As time moved on, Josey prayed that God would heal her paralysis and let her walk and run again. She fully expected God to miraculously restore her body. Everywhere Josey went she told others to "Expect A Miracle." Unfortunately, her prayers for physical healing went unanswered in Josey’s earthly life. Josey lived to the age of 52 when God called her home to be with Him in Heaven.

When Josey’s spirit left her body at the time of her bodily death, Josey didn’t just slowly float away from her earthly body. She zoomed out. Josey zoomed out of her body so fast the angels that came to take her into heaven only saw a blurry flash as her spirit zoomed by. When Josey reached heaven, she was still zooming. She zoomed, and zoomed, and zoomed for what would be thousands of earth years. She never grew tired or weary. She was so full of joy at being free of the burden of her earthly body she could not contain herself. Josey just had to zoom. The people in heaven were filled with laughter as they saw her joy and God was quite amused as well. One day, while Josey was taking an infrequent break from zooming across the cosmos, God called her and they met in the golden throne room. God said to Josey that He knew Josey wanted to know why her prayers were never answered when she was in her body on earth. Josey laughed at God’s mind reading ability. God told Josey to sit down and He would show her pictures from His special spiritual viewer. Josey saw at least a thousand people with beautiful sparkly rainbow beams of light coming off them. The beams of light went from each person into the heart of God. God explained that each of these people was in a state of prayer and each of these people was praying because Josey had not been healed. Josey was puzzled at the answer because she certainly didn’t do anything on earth to make people pray. God assured her that indeed she had done a lot to make people pray. He reminded her of her lifelong motto of "Expect A Miracle." God said that all these people, and thousands more that they touched, were influenced directly by Josey. God explained there was a greater good in Josey’s life. Although a miraculous healing would have been good for Josey, that miracle would not have produced the greater good she was witnessing on the viewer. God told Josey she had done more than hundreds of ministers could do in getting people to pray and be persons of faith. God explained that He always acts for the greater good, not the lesser good. Josey now understood and shook her head in amazement at the thousands of people and the great prayer beams that were sent to heaven by them. Josey told the Lord she did not know a single person that was in the viewer. God said she did not need to know them directly. The few hundred people that Josey did know had spread the message to others. Those people kept spreading the message to still others and this wonderful picture was the result. God said that what was so important about these people is that they were not typical church folk. Few of them ever went to church but their lives had been opened as a result of Josey and they had accepted Christ as their Savior because of their openness. Josey wanted to know if all unanswered prayers were unanswered because of a greater good and God said that most often that is the case. He reminded Josey that although her physical healing prayers were not answered like she wanted while she was alive on earth, those prayers had been answered many times over when she zoomed into heaven. At the thought of zooming, Josey said to God, "Thank you Lord, I love you, my break time is over!" and she zoomed away.

Proverbs 2:10 For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. 11Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you. (NIV)


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