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Matthew 14:22 Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd. 23 After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone...(NIV)

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Prayer Pages Topic Categories
Verses To Youth


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Topic Categories In Alphabetical Order

A - C Acceptance to Courage
D - F Darkness to Future
G - I Gifts to Inspiration
J - L Joy to Love
M - O Materialism to Others
P - R Pain to Risk
S - U Sacrifice to Uplift

Topic: Prayer Page Title
Value: Your Value To God
Verses: Verses With The Word ďPrayĒ From The Old Testament, Gen. To 1 Kings
Verses: Verses With The Word ďPrayĒ From The Old Testament, 2 Kings To Malachi
Verses: Verses With The Word ďPrayĒ From The New Testament
Victim: Feeling Like A Victim When You Are Not A Victim
Victim: Having Been A Victim Of Abuse, Neglect, And Abandonment
Victims: Victims Of Violence
Victory: A New Day Of Victory
Victory: Calling A Time Out For Victory
Victory: Defeat Of The Enemy
Victory: During A Time Of Victory
Victory: Eternal Shining Moments
Victory: Fighting The Fight Of Faith With Vigor And Passion
Victory: For The Sure Victory
Victory: Glorious Victory
Victory: Goofiness For Victory
Victory: Great Comeback The
Victory: Great Rescuer, The
Victory: Marshalling Your Forces For Victory
Victory: Our Greatest Victory And Triumph
Victory: Score Small Victories
Victory: Taking A Survey Of The Land For Victory
Victory: Thriving In Agony And Torment
Victory: To Cast Off Sin To Win
Victory: To Make Peace Through Victory
Victory: To Win The Battle Of Life
Victory: Victory In Jesus
Victory: Victory  In Our Spiritual War
Victory: Victory In Suffering
Victory: Victory Over Circumstances
Victory: Victory Over Death
Victory: Victory Over Evil
Victory: Victory Over Pain
Victory: Victory Over Poverty
Victory: Victory That Is At Hand
Victory: Victory To Defeat Darkness
Victory: Vision Of Victory
Victory: War For Your Soul, The
Victory: Winning Out
Victory In Worship: Victory In Worship And To Defeat Satan
View: A Glimpse Of God
View: A View As God Sees Us
Vigilance: Faithfulness And Being Constant In Vigilance
Vigilance: Guarding Your Heart
Vigilance: Guarding Your Tongue
Vision: A Glimpse Of God
Vision: A View As God Sees Us
Vision: Actually Seeing Christ
Vision: Actually Seeing God
Vision: Actually Seeing God Work In Your Life
Vision: Doing Everything In God's Sight
Vision: Eyes To See
Vision: Godís Vision
Vision; Greater Vision
Vision: How God Sees Everything We Give
Vision: How We See Ourselves
Vision: Keeping Your Eyes On Christ
Vision: Living By Faith With Failing Vision
Vision: Living With Eyes For God
Vision: Looking Forward
Vision: Looking Up To God (1)
Vision: Looking Up To God (2)
Vision: Looking Up To God For Strength
Vision: Looking Up To God In Honesty
Vision: Looking Up To Heaven
Vision: Open Eyes
Vision: Our Cry For Spiritual Vision
Vision: Our Vision In Hopeless Times
Vision: Perfect Vision
Vision: Praise For Hope And Vision
Vision: Readiness To See Christ
Vision: Remembering To Look Up And Hold On
Vision: Renewing Your Vision
Vision: See Past Other's Exterior Shell
Vision: See Past The Glitter
Vision: See Past The Moment
Vision: See Past Your Mistakes
Vision: See Past The Surface Of Life
Vision: See Past Your Temptation
Vision: See Past Your Trials
Vision: See The Power Of God
Vision: Seeing The Kingdom Of Heaven
Vision: Seeing The Savior
Vision: Seeking A Vision Of The Glory Of Future Days
Vision: To Love Others And See Their Heart
Vision: To Love Others And Not See Their Faults
Vision: To See A Glimpse Of Heaven
Vision: To See Jesus (1)
Vision: To See Jesus (2)
Vision: To See Jesus (3)
Vision: To See Jesus (4)
Vision: To See Possibilities
Vision: To See What Is Not There
Vision: Upward Eyes
Vision: Vision For Gods Creation
Vision: Vision In Poverty
Vision: Vision Of Victory
Vision: Vision Of Who You Can Become
Vision: Walking With Open Eyes
Vision: What Others See In Us
Vision: What We Think We See
Vision: When We Lose Sight
Vision: Yearning To See Jesus
Voice Of God: A Softer Heart For God's Voice
Voice Of God: Being In The Stillness
Vision Of God: Find Freedom With A Vision Of God
Voice Of God: God Speaking All The Time
Voice Of God: The Profound Stillness
Voice Of God: The Voice Of God
Voice Of God: To Hear God Say " I Love You", Prayer 1
Voice Of God: To Hear God Say "I Love You", Prayer 2
Voice Of God: To Hear God Say "I Love You", Prayer 3
Voice Of God: To Hear God Say "I Love You", Prayer 4
Voice Of God: To Hear God Say "I Love You", Prayer 5
Victory: Praise For Victory Under Afflictions
Walk: Power To Walk The Lords Path
Walk: To Walk In Love
Walk: To Walk The Christian Walk
Walk: When You Canít Walk Alone
Walls: Overcome Insurmountable Walls And Objects
Wants: What You Really Want
Wants And Needs: Losing Track Of Our Wants And Needs
Wants and Needs: When Others Do Not Anticipate Our Needs
War: An End To The War With God
War: In A Time Of War
Warmth Of God: The Warmth Of God
Watchfulness: Keeping Watch Over Christ's Flock
Watchfulness Of God: Living Under Our Attentive God
Way To God: Christ As The Way To God
Weakness: Against The Weakness Of The Flesh
Weakness: Honor For Christ In Our Weakness
Weakness: Power From Weakness
Weakness: Power To Help The Weak
Weakness: Pushing Back Against Weakness
Weakness: Rejecting The Influence Of Weakness From Others
Weakness: Strength Through Weakness
Weakness: Times Of Weakness
Weakness: To Strengthen My Feeble Arms And Weak Knees
Wealth: Asking For Daily Bread
Wealth: Money And Being Satisfied
Wealth: Poverty And Wealth Of The Spirit
Wealth: Richer Future
Wealth: The Love Of Money
Wealth: The Riches Of Christ
Wealth: To Live In Christ When You Are Rich
Wealth: Wealth Of Christ's Love
Wealth: When Money Rules
Wellness: A New Day Of Total Wellness
Wholeness: Source Of Our Wholeness
Will Of God: Actually Knowing The Will Of God
Will Of God: Ask God For What Is In His Will
Will Of God: God's Will To Be Made Known
Will Of God: The Will Of The Father
Will Of God: What Christ Wants
Will To Live: Wanting To Live
Winning: Winning Out
Wisdom: Assessing What You Have Learned From Life Each Day
Wisdom: Being A Student(2)
Wisdom: Discerning Wisdom
Wisdom: Enlightenment By Christ
Wisdom: Entrusted With Gods Wisdom
Wisdom: Faith And Wisdom
Wisdom: God's Wisdom
Wisdom: Greater Wisdom
Wisdom: How God Knows You
Wisdom: How The Gospel Is Known Only To Believers
Wisdom: In Praise Of God's Wisdom
Wisdom: Immediate And Innate Wisdom Of God
Wisdom: Know More About Love
Wisdom: Know Yourself
Wisdom: Knowing And Not Knowing
Wisdom: Knowing In Greater Abundance
Wisdom: Knowing You Are Forgiven
Wisdom: Knowledge Of Your Worth To Christ
Wisdom: Multiply Your Wisdom
Wisdom: Power Of Knowing Yourself
Wisdom: Put Wisdom And Knowledge Into Action
Wisdom: Revelation Of Secret Wisdom
Wisdom: Seeking God's Wisdom
Wisdom: Taking A Survey Of The Land For Victory
Wisdom: To Exert Yourself Toward Wisdom And Understanding
Wisdom: To Let The Holy Spirit Guide And Teach You
Wisdom: Treasure Of Salvation, Wisdom, And Knowledge
Wisdom: Understand God
Wisdom: Understanding The Suffering Of Christ
Wisdom: When God Says No In His Wisdom
Wisdom: What God Understands
Wisdom: Wisdom About What Is Important
Wisdom: Wisdom And Openness
Wisdom: Wisdom From Heaven
Wisdom: Wisdom In Love
Wisdom: Wisdom To Count The Cost
Wisdom: Wisdom To Erase Self-Ignorance
Wisdom: Wisdom To Make Decisions
Wisdom: Wisdom To Make Right Decisions
Wishing: To Come Against Merely Wishing Others Would Like You And Love You
Wishing: Wishing Good Things Would Happen To You
Witness: Being Gods Servant And Witness
Witness: Help To Witness
Witness: Power To Witness
Witness: Show Godís Compassion
Witness: Show Godís Forgiveness
Witness: Show Godís Humor
Witness: Show Godís Love
Witness: Show Godís Tenderness
Witness: Showing God
Witness: To Be A Shining Star
Witnessing: Acknowledging Christ Has Come In The Flesh
Witnessing: More Fully Show Others The Love Of Christ
Witnessing: Risk Of Witnessing
Witnessing: Sending Out God's Healing Force
Witnessing: Shining Out To The World
Witnessing: Speaking To People You Donít Know
Witnessing: To Be A Greater Witness
Witnessing: To Reach Out To Others
Witnessing: Touching Another Heart
Witnessing: Touching Another Life
Witnessing: Touching The World
Witnessing: Witnessing To Others
Words: For Godly Speech
Words: Unity Between Belief And Words
Word Of God: Law Of God In Your Heart, The
Words: Guarding Your Tongue
Words: Having The Right Words
Words: Love Before Words
Words Of God: Open Up To The Indwelling Words And Love Of God
Work Of God: Incredible Works Of God
Work: Actually Seeing God Work In Your Life
Work: Perseverance And Its Work
Work: Multiply Your Work
Work: Strength To Build For God
Work: Work We Do
Workaholic: Find Peace When You Feel Compelled To Work
World: Perfect World
World: Prayer For The World
World: Touching The World
World Peace: Peace In Others And Peace In The World
Worldliness: Shun What Is Worldly And Embrace What Is Spiritual
Worldliness: To Come Against The Ideas Of The World
Worry: Burden Of Worry, The
Worry: Foolishness Of Worry
Worry: God Being Bigger Than Your Worry
Worry: Godís Love In Times Of Worry
Worry: Stop Worry Caused By False Ideas
Worry: Worry And Health
Worry: Worry And Inaction
Worry: Worry And Living In Heaven
Worry: Worry And Not Being A Prophet
Worry: Worrying About The Silliest Things
Worship: Christ Calling You To Be A Part Of A Faith Community
Worship: Daily Worship In A Time Of Doubt
Worship: Daily Worship In A Time Of Fear
Worship: Daily Worship In Love
Worship: Daily Worship In Peace
Worship: Daily Worship In Hope
Worship: To Exert Yourself Toward Worship
Worship: When You Cannot Get To Church
Worship: Worship In Little Moments
Worth: Knowledge Of Your Worth To Christ
Worth: Your Value To God
Yearning: Yearning For God
You: God Being Bigger Than You
Your Job: Christ's Suffering Upon The Cross And Your Job
Your Life: God Being Bigger Than Your Life
Young: Being A Kid Again In Christ
Youth: Being Young Again
Youthfulness: Being A Kid Again In Christ

Search Prayer Pages Archives By Topic Category

Topic Categories In Alphabetical Order

A - C Acceptance to Courage
D - F Darkness to Future
G - I Gifts to Inspiration
J - L Joy to Love
M - O Materialism to Others
P - R Pain to Risk
S - U Sacrifice to Uplift


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