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Matthew 14:22 Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd. 23 After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone...(NIV)

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List Of Previous Prayers By Title In Alphabetical Order
Obeying The Love Of God To Sail Upward
Of Repentance
Offering Of Praise, An
Only Do What Is Right When Others Have A Problem
Only Trying To Catch People In Acts Of Misbehavior
Open Ears And Open Hearts, Prayer About
Open Eyes
Open Heart, An
Open Heart And An Open Mind To The Truth
Open Heart To Hear God's Calling, An
Open Up To The Indwelling Words And Love Of God
Others To Know God's Love, Prayer For
Our Being Alienated From God
Our Choice In Christ
Our Communion In Christ's Love
Our Connection To God
Our Cry For Faith In God
Our Cry For Freedom
Our Cry For Hope
Our Cry For Spiritual Life
Our Cry For Spiritual Vision
Our Daily Quest, Prayer About
Our Everlasting Hope
Our Great Shepherd
Our Greatest Victory And Triumph
Our Guardian Angel, Prayer About
Our Hope In What Was Promised
Our Hope Of The Ages
Our Joy In His Purpose
Our Lord As Our Helper
Our Lord Of Power
Our Need To Follow God, About
Our Personal God
Our Purpose In Christ
Our Reason To Hope And To Believe
Our Rebellion
Our Refuge In Our Spiritual War
Our Rescue From Our Hopeless Pit
Our Temptation Battle
Our Transformation
Our Vision In Hopeless Times
Outcome Of A Heart Of Peace, The
Outcome Of Faith, The
Outpouring Of God's Hope The
Outpouring Of God's Love The
Outpouring Of God's Mercy The
Overcome Insurmountable Walls And Objects
Overcoming Mountains Insurmountable
Overcoming The Sin Of The World
Pain And Suffering, For Those In
Pain Christ Bore For You On The Cross, The
Patience, For
Patience Right Now
Patiently Waiting
Peace, Prayer For
Peace, Prayer For (2)
Peace In Others And Peace In The World
Peace In Poverty, Prayer For
Peace In The World
Peace In Times Of Conflict And Disappointment
Peace In Times Of Confusion
Peace Of Loving God's Law
Perfect Life, Prayer About A
Perfect Love
Perseverance And Courage
Perseverance And Courage To Stand Against Every Evil
Perseverance And Its Work
Perseverance In Perilous Times
Person You Can Be, Prayer About The
Personal Best, For The Giving Of One's
Pick Up Your Cross
Plans Of God, The
Pleasing God By Faith
Point Of Life, The
Pouring Out Of The Holy Spirit
Poverty And Wealth Of The Spirit, Prayer About
Power For The Powerless
  Power Of Christ's Light In The World
Power Of Faith, The
Power Of God For Victory
Power Of God Upon You, About The
Power Of God's Word. About The
Power Of Knowing Yourself
Power Of Life, Prayer About The
Power Of Light And Life, About The
Power Of Prayer
Power To Be Trusting And Believing, Prayer For
Power To Do What Is Right
Power To Believe
Power To Change, A Prayer For The
Power To Heal From Hurts, A Prayer For The
Power To Help The Weak
Power To Move Forward, A Prayer For The
Power To Start Over, A Prayer For The
Power To Stay Where You Are, A Prayer For The

Power To Sacrifice
Power To Witness
Power Within
Praise And Affirmation
Praise And Humility
Praise And Thanksgiving For Our Life
Praise At Christmas
Praise For Christ In Me
Praise For Our Most High God
Praise From A Hurting Heart
Praise For Christ's Presence (1)
Praise For Christ's Presence (2)
Praise For God's Love
Praise For God's Presence, A Prayer
Praise For The Light Of God Within
Praise For The Name Above All Names
Praise For Victory Under Afflictions
Pray Little Prayers More Often
Praise And Thanksgiving
Prayer And Answers
Prayer And Forgiveness
Praying In The Noise, Prayer About
Praying Through Problems With Circumstances And People
Praying Through The Impossible
Preparing For The Worse
Preparing The Way For The Lord
Presence Of God In Every Moment, The
Presentation Of Treasures To God
Prize Called Heaven, A
Produce Results From Only Doing The Right Thing, Prayer To
Promise Of A Better Life, Prayer About The
Protection Against Evil
Protection Against Temptation
Protection For Others, Prayer Of
Protection Of The Home, For
Pure Heart, For A
Purses For The Treasures Of Heaven
Pushing Against Sin, Prayer About
Pushing Back Against Insurmountable Obstacles
Pushing Back Against Temptation
Pushing Back Against Unbelief
Pushing Back Against Wanting To Get Even
Pushing Back Against Weakness
Pushing Love, Prayer About
Putting Christ Above All Things
Putting God Before All Things Of Life, Prayer About
Putting Wisdom & Knowledge Into Action, For
Quiet Times
Reaching Out In Hopelessness
Reaching Out In Faith
Reaching Out In Love
Reaching Out In Trials
Reaching Out In Understanding
Reaching Out To God, Prayer About
Reaching Up To Touch The Invisible
Readiness To See Christ
Receive The Lord's Touch
Receiving Christ's Peace
Receiving From Christ
Receiving Life, Prayer About
Recommitment To Christ, For
Reconciliation, Prayer For
Regain Relationships With Others, Prayer To
Rejecting Compliments Or Praise
Rejecting The Influence Of Weakness From Others
Rejoicing In God's Blessings
Remembering The Lord
Remembering To Look Up And Hold On
Remembrance That Christ Forgives You, A Prayer Of
Remembrance That Christ Loves You, A Prayer Of
Remembrance That Christ Needs You On The Earth, A Prayer Of
Remembrance That Christ Needs You To Be Righteous And Holy, A Prayer Of

Remembrance That Christ Wants Your Very Best, A Prayer Of
Renewing Your Energy With Christ And Others
Renewing Your Faith
Renewing Your Hope
Renewing Your Power
Renewing Your Relationships With Others
Renewing Your Vision
Requesting Humility
Resist Temptation, Prayer To
Resolve In Poverty, Prayer For
Rest, Prayer For
 Result Of Praise And Service To God
Revealing Of God's Light, The
Revelation Of Secret Wisdom
Reverence And Adoration, In
Reverence And Respect For God
Richer Future, Prayer For A
Right Power, The
Righteous In Little Ways
Righteousness Amid Blessings And Good Times, Prayer For
Righteousness And Rewards
Righteousness, Plea For
Rise Above Adversity With Truth
Rise Above Trouble
Risk Of Witnessing, Prayer About The
Road To Heaven Or Hell, The
Rules To Live By
Running The Risk Of Embarrassment, Prayer About
Sacrifice Selfishness
Sadness And Beauty Prayer About
Sail To The Mountaintop, For Help To
Salvation For God's Children
Scale The Heights Of Adversity
Score Small Victories
Secret To Freedom, Prayer About The
See Beyond The Illusions And Delusions, Prayer To
See Darkness Versus The Light
See Jesus (1), Prayer To
See Jesus (2) Prayer To
See Jesus (3), Prayer To
See Jesus (4), Prayer To
See Our Indestructible Christ
See Past Other's Exterior Shell
See Past The Moment
See Past Your Mistakes
See Past The Surface Of Life
See Past Your Temptation
See Past Your Trials
See Possibilities In Every Adversity
 See What Is Not There, Prayer To
Seeing The Kingdom Of Heaven, Prayer About
Seeing The Savior
Seeking A Vision Of The Glory Of Future Days
Seeking Forgiveness
Seeking Forgiveness For Complaining
Seeking God's Wisdom
Seeking Patience
Seeking The Lord
Seeking Within
Self-control While Resisting Satan
Send Christ's Healing Spirit Out To Others
Send Healing Love To Others
Sending Love Up To God
Sending Out God's Healing Force
Sense Of Your Unlimited Potential, For A
Serving God, Prayer About
Serving Others In Strength
Serving The Lord
Shadows Of Our Will
Shape My Personality For Christ
Sharing Love
Shelter in Christ's Arms
Shelter Of Christ's Arms, For The
Sheltering Others From The Storms And Difficulties Of Life
Shine The Light Of God
Shine The Light Of The Good
Shining Out To The World
Show God's Compassion, Prayer To
Show God's Forgiveness, Prayer To
Show God's Humor, Prayer To
Show God's Love, Prayer To
Show God's Compassion, Prayer To
Show God's Tenderness, Prayer To
Showing God, Prayer About
Shun What Is Godly And Embrace What Is Spiritual
Sickness, During A Time Of
Silence Of His Love, The
Sing And Pray In Persecution, To
Sins Forgiven
Sin Recognized For What It Is
Small Things Of Life Handle The
Soaking Up The Invisible Love Of God
Soaking Up The Invisible Peace Of God
Soaring Upward In Christ's Spirit
Source Of Our Wholeness
Sowing And Reaping
Speaking To God, About
Speaking To People You Don't Know, Prayer About
Spirit Of Thanksgiving, For A
Spiritual Emancipation
Spiritual Hunger
Spiritually Kneeling In Prayer
Stand Firm Against The Pushing And Pulling Of Life
Standing Firm
Standing On Your Feet
Stars In The Heavens, Look And See The
Start A New Life
Start A New Relationship With God
Start Out The Day
Start Over
Start To Live In Eternity
Staying Faithful During Suffering
Staying Faithful During Times Of Plenty
Staying Faithful To God
Staying Faithful To Others
Staying Faithful To Your Destination
Strength, For
Strength During Times Of Hardship, For
Strength In Our War Against Evil
Strength For The War Of Life
Strength Through Weakness
Strength To Build For God, For
Strength To Defend Our Faith, Prayer For
Strength To Do Right
Strength To Explore Your Life
Strength To Help People In Need
Strength To Lead A Holy Life
Strength To Never Give In
Strength To Never Give Up
Strength To Never Turn Back
Strength To Prevail Over Temptation

Strength To Wrestle In Prayer
Stepping Back A Few Times A Day To Put Our Heart In Heaven
Striving To Live A Perfect Life
Struggling To Have God Within, Prayer About
Stop Greed, Prayer To
Stop Hatred, Prayer To
Stop Illness, Prayer To
Stop Revenge, Prayer To
Stop Worry Caused By False Ideas
Stopping Evil And Starting Good
Submit To God And Resist Satan
Suffering Upon The Cross, Look And See Him
Suffering Vs. You
Surrounding Love Of God, The
Take Life In, Prayer To
Taking A Stand For Good And Against Evil, Prayer About
Taking Courage
Taking Hold Of The Hope
Taking Responsibility Rather Than Blaming Others For Difficulties
Taking The Hard Way
Taking The Right Path, Prayer About
Taking Things Personally The Wrong Way
Taking Time To Be Spiritual
Talking To God When Everything Has Come Apart
Talking To God When You Are Afraid
Talking To God When You Don't Want To Talk
Talking To God When You Feel All Alone
Talking To God When You Have Suffered A Loss
Tell God Where It Hurts
Telling God The Truth, Prayer About
Thanking God
Thanksgiving And Honor
Thanksgiving For A Listening God
Thanksgiving For Blessings
Thanksgiving For Hope
Thanksgiving For Meaning And Purpose In Life
Thanksgiving For Our Treasure Of Faith, Prayer Of
Thanksgiving For The Lord's Presence

Thanksgiving For The Treasure Of Support From God, Prayer Of
Thanksgiving For The Treasure Of Our Past, Prayer Of
Thanksgiving For Treasures
Thanksgiving, Praise, & Adoration
The Ache Of The Soul
The Attraction Of Jesus
The Big Test Of The Flesh
The Blood Of Christ
The Blood Of The Covenant
The Direction Of Your Faith
The Gift Of Christ's Calling Upon Our Heart
The Gift Of Christ's Healing Light
The Gift Of Christ's Light Of Love
The Gift Of Christ's Strength In Our Heart
The Gift Of Giving Back To Christ
The Hope Of Nations In Perilous Times
The Joy Of Afflictions
The Kindness Of Love
The Lamb Of God
The Law Of God
The Lord And Confidence
The Lord Is My Shepherd
The Lord's Afflictions
The Lord's Care
The Lord's Cleansing
The Lord's Discipline
The Lord's Love, About
The Might Of The Almighty
The Mighty One
The Love Of Money, Prayer About
The Real "Stuff" Of Life
The Riches Of Christ
The One And Only Way
The One Who Is In You
The Power Of Numbers
The Power We Have From Christ
The Profound Stillness
The Shining Light Of God
The Touch Of God In Times Of Strife
The Voice Of God
The Will Of The Father
Thinking And Absorbing
Thinking And Talking Too Much About Other People's Problems
Thinking You Are Not Quite Good Enough
Time Eternal, A
Times Of Disappointment, During
Times Of Doubt, During
Times Of Imprisonment, During
Times Of Loneliness, During
Times Of Stress, During
Times Of Suffering, During
Times Of Trouble In The Church
Times Of Weakness, During
Times When Evil Strikes
Times When You Can't Believe, During
Times When You Can't Climb The Mountain, During
Times When You Can't Get To Church, During
Times When You Can't Go Back To Yesterday, During
Times When You Can't Start Over, During
The Eyes Of The Lord
Those Who Cannot Speak, A Prayer Call For
To A Friend In Christ
To Accept The Idea Of Sin
To Always Be Responsible
To Always Tell Yourself The Truth
To Ask In Christ's Name
To Be A Greater Witness
To Be A Person Of Godly Power
To Be A Soldier Of Christ
To Be Close To God
To Be Found Where We Are
To Be Honest About Feelings Of Fear And Guilt
To Build A Spiritual World Of Light
To Cast Off The Sin Of Trying To Control Events And People Through Sinful Behavior
To Cast Off Sin To Win
To Come Against Believing Good Things Will Never Happen
To Come Against Merely Wishing Others Would Like You And Love You
To Come Against Believing Other People Could Not Possibly Like You Or Love You
To Come Against Believing You Do Not Deserve Good Things And Happiness
To Come Against Trying To Prove You Are Good Enough For Other People
To Deal With Not Feeling Love And Approval From Your Parents
To Do God's Will After Making A Mistake
To Do God's Will In Fear
To Do God's Will In Pain
To Experience Happiness, Contentment, And Peace
To Fan The Flame Of God's Gifts
To Fill The Emptiness Of Life
To Find Courage In The Face Of Fear, Doubt, And Anxiety
To Find Happiness And Freedom From Fear Of Loss
To Find Happiness Through God Within Your Heart
To Erase Disappointment
To Erase Mistakes And Regret
To Erase Shame And Guilt
To Erase Sins Of The Past
To Erase The Hurt Of Your Heart
To Exert Yourself Toward Serving Christ And Him Only
To Exert Yourself Toward Prayer
To Exert Yourself Toward Righteousness
To Exert Yourself Toward Wisdom And Understanding
To Exert Yourself Toward Worship
To Find And Live In God's Power
To Find Peace In Turmoil
To Find Something In Nothing
To Follow A New Command
To Forgive Others Before God
To Give To God
To Grasp Christ's Hand
To Keep A Clear Mind With God
To Keep Out Of The Darkness Of Hell
To Know More About God At Christmastime
To Let The Holy Spirit Guide And Teach You
To Let Your Burdens Go
To Live A Life That Is Affirming
To Live A Life That Is Always Praising
To Live Beyond Christmas
To Live In Christ When Things Come Apart
To Live In Christ When You Are Happy
To Live In Christ When You Are Poor
To Live In Christ When You Are Rich
To Live In Christ When You Are Sad
To Love Others And Not See Their Faults
To Love Others And See Their Heart
To Love Others As Yourself
To Love Yourself
To Make Peace Through Forgiveness
To Make Peace Through Gratitude
To Make Peace Through Selflessness
To Make Peace Through Victory
To Make Peace With God
To Never Willingly Believe Lies
To Not Passively Watch Problems Get Worse
To Not Run Away From The Lord
To Reach Out To Others
To Receive What Has Been Promised
To Resist Compulsive Spending
To Resist Overeating
To Resist Sin Even More
To Search All Of One's Life
To See A Glimpse Of Heaven
To See Blessings, A Prayer
To See Glory
To See Hope
To See Joy
To See Love(2)
To See Love, A Prayer
To See Peace
To See Past The Glitter Of The World
To See Possibilities
To See The Power Of God, A Prayer
To See What Really Is
To Stay Calm When You Feel Like You Are Going Crazy
To Stop Believing Other People Are Never There For You
To Stop Believing Other People Can't Or Don't Love You
To Stop Defensiveness And Self-centeredness
To Stop Over-Committing Your Life
To Strengthen My Feeble Arms And Weak Knees
To Understand The Gravity Of Your Life
To Wage Spiritual War
To Walk In Love
To Win The Battle Of Life
Touch Of God
Touch Of God Upon Your Health, A Prayer For The
Touch Of God Upon Your Heart, A Prayer For The
Touch Of God Upon Your Life, A Prayer For The
Touch Of God Upon Your Nation A Prayer For The
Touch Of God Upon Your Soul, A Prayer For The
Touch Others With Christ's Healing Power
Touching Another Heart
Touching Another Life
Touching Christ
Touching The Infinite
Touching The World
Tragedies, Disasters, And Chaos
Transcend The Impossible
Transformation Through Holiness, For
Treasures Above
Treasure Of The Righteous
Treasure Of Salvation, Wisdom, And Knowledge
True And False Godliness, Prayer About
Trust And Truth With God
Trusting Christ
Trusting Christ Today And Tomorrow
Trusting God
Trusting God Because Christ Came To Us, Prayer About
Trusting God To Love Us, Prayer About
Trusting God When Making Decisions, Prayer About
Trusting In Faith
Trusting In God
Trusting In His Word
Trusting In The Future
Trusting In The Lord God
Trusting In The Past
Trusting Others
Trusting Yourself
Truth About Death, Prayer To Tell The
Truth About God, Prayer To Tell The

Truth About Hate, Prayer To Tell The
Truth About Life, Prayer To Tell The
Truth About Love, Prayer To Tell The
Truth Concerning Sin, The
Truth Within
Trying To Please Others
Turn Away From The Grip Of Difficulty
Turn Darkness Into An Opportunity, Prayer To
Turn In A New Direction
Turn Into A New Person
Turning The Land Into God's Treasure
Turning To Christ When You Get Overly Upset
Turn Us To Righteousness
Turn To Jesus
Turn Your World Around
Turning Excuses Into Reasons For Progress
Turning To God When Evil Strikes
Understand And Come Against Evil
Understand Each Other
Understand Evil To Gain Power Over Evil
Understand God
Understand The Universe, To
Understanding The Suffering Of Christ
Unity Between Belief And Words
Unselfishness In A Time Of Distress
Unselfishness When Being Hurt
Upward Beliefs, A Prayer For
Upward Eyes, A Prayer For
Upward Expectations, A Prayer For
Upward Heart, A Prayer For
Upward Mind, A Prayer For
Use The Armor Of God
Using Failure As A Way To Make Progress
Using God's Laws, Prayer About
Victims Of Violence
Victory For Living
Victory In Jesus
Victory In Our Spiritual War
Victory In Suffering
Victory In Worship And To Defeat Satan
Victory Over Circumstances
Victory Over Death
Victory Over Evil
Victory Over Pain
Victory Over Poverty
Victory That Is At Hand, Prayer About
Victory To Defeat Darkness
View As God Sees Us, For A
Vision, Greater
Vision For God's Creation
Vision In Poverty, Prayer For
Vision Of Victory, A
Vision Of Who You Can Become
Wages Of Sin And The Gift Of God
Walk As Jesus Did
Walk The Christian Walk, Prayer To
Walking The Lord's Path
Walking With Open Eyes
Wanting To Live
War For Your Soul, The
Warmth Of God, The
Wealth Of Christ's Love
Weapons We Use In Faith
We No Longer Have An Old Life
What A Believer Should Do
What God Promised
What God Understands
What God Wants You To Do And To Be, Prayer About
What I Want At Christmas
What Is Above
What Is Honey Sweet, Prayer About
What Is Important, Prayer About
What It Means To Receive, Prayer About
What Is Most Important
What Jesus Did, Prayer About
What Lasts Forever, Prayer About
What Matters Most, About
What Others See In Us
What To Do When You Cannot Do, Prayer About
What We Should Treasure
What We Think We See, Prayer About
What You Really Want
When Doing For Others Takes Us In The Wrong Direction
When God Disappoints
When God Does Not Answer
When God Says "No" And We Must Trust Him
When God Says "No" For Our Benefit
When God Says "No" In Love (1)
When God Says "No" In Mystery
When God Says "No" With Compassion (1)
When God Says "No" With Compassion (2)
When God Says "No" With Forgiveness
When God Says "No" With Love (2)
When God Says "No" With Understanding
When God Says "No" With Wisdom
When God's Love Does Not Solve The Problem
When God's Love Does Not Take Away The Pain
When Money Rules, Prayer About
When Our Heart Hurts For Another Person
When Others Do Not Anticipate Our Needs
When The Easy Way Is Not The Best Way
When The Lord Jesus Is Revealed
When The Truth Brings Fear
When The Truth Brings Freedom
When The Truth Heals And Restores
When The Truth Hurts
When The Truth Is Unbearable
When There Is No One But You, For Times In Your Life
When There Is No One To Talk To, For Times

When We Backslide, Prayer About
When We Come To The Last Hour Of Our Life
When We Fail, Prayer About
When We Falter, Prayer About
When We Lose Sight, Prayer About
When We Sin, Prayer About
When We Think We Have No Choice
When Yearning To See Jesus
When You Are Alone & Lost, For Times
When You Are In Loneliness
When You Cannot Connect To God
When You Can't Fix Your Faith
When You Can't Fix Your Health
When You Can't Fix Your Mistakes
When You Can't Fix Your Past
When You Can't Fix Your Relationships
When You Can't Handle Things Alone
When You Can't Live Alone
When You Can't Walk Alone
When You Have A Difficult Time Making Decisions
When You Have Lost Faith
When You Know God Is Real
When You Need Others, For Times
When You Make A Mess Out Of Your Life
When You Tell Yourself You Can't Do Anything Right
When You Think You Cannot Go On, Prayer About
Where God Lives, Prayer About
Where Hope, Joy, And Peace Abound
Where We Should Go
Where You Are In Life
Who And What You Follow
Witnessing To Others
Why Jesus Was Born
Why We Deny Ourselves For Christ, Prayer About
Willfully Choosing
Willingness To Be A Suffering Servant, Prayer About The
Willingness To Believe, A
Willingness To Die Every Day, For A
Winning Out
Wisdom And Openness, For
Wisdom From Heaven
Wisdom In Love
Wisdom To Count The Cost
Wisdom To Erase Self-Ignorance
Wisdom To Know About What Is Important, For
Wisdom To Make Right Decisions, For
Wishing Good Things Would Happen To You
Work We Do, Prayer About The
World, For The
Worry And Health
  Worry And Inaction
Worry And Living In Heaven
Worry And Not Being A Prophet
Worrying About The Silliest Things
Worship In Little Moments
Wrongful Prayer Of Arrogance
Yearning For God
You Have No Energy, Prayer For When
You Have No Enthusiasm, Prayer For When
You Have No Ideas, Prayer For When
You Have No Life, Prayer For When
You Have No Power, Prayer For When
Your Being A Part Of God And God Being A Part Of You
Your Destiny
Your Fullness Of Life
Your Importance To Christ, About
Your Importance To God
Your Importance To Others
Your Importance To The World
Your Private Life, Prayer About
Your Purpose In Life
Your Special Place With The Father, About
Your Spirit's Spiritual Life
Your Web Of Interconnections

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NT Verses Containing The Word "Pray"
OT Verses Containing The Word "Pray", Gen. To 1 Kings
OT Verses Containing The Word "Pray", 2 Kings To Malachi

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Cut, Paste, and Pass-a-long Thoughts

God is love but love may not be God. Without a religion, a society, nation, or a family will crumble. The Bible was penned by men and dictated by God. The Holy Bible has love between each word. A religious life is important but not as important as a spiritual life. A Christian is a person who has given all they own to Christ and who has no fear of death. God will help you if you are willing to help Him. A church should be a refuge from the world. Marriage is sacred and holy before God. Jesus is the Savior and Messiah. In prayer you talk to God and in prayer He can talk back if you listen. Inspirational quotes are like appetizers for the soul. In Bible study, you get more out of it if you apply it. Meditation on the love of God makes the love of God real. Religion and spirituality are the keys to human progress if humans are religiously spiritual. Fear of death evaporates when you can see over the horizon and see your place in eternity. A sermon needs to be taken in and digested to be nutritious. Getting advice, especially relationship advice is easier than following the advice. Inspiration from a Bible verse or from the Bible is a drink of living water. Faith based upon love is unshakable. A Bible commentary is like a compass. Fear of God is not healthy, but fear of God’s wrath can save your life for eternity. God encourages self-help. A Christian web site is like a shiny silver dollar in a mud hole. Amazing grace is a song, but what is amazing is God’s grace. An inspirational story can change someone’s life. Jealousy is a waste of time and soul. Peace will reign after Satan inflicts his sting. A life without a goal is a life going nowhere. Spiritual love for God begets love from God. Goal setting is important but not as important as goal getting. Hope is the fuel of life. A church online can beam His love through the lines and cables. True worship starts and ends within your heart. Study the Holy Bible and you can be holy if you absorb His words. Encouragement is healing to a broken life. Grace is a goose-bumpy gift from God. Christ died just for you, hoping but not knowing whether you would accept Him but knowing you could experience a Holy Spirit transformation if you do. Saving grace can last you a long time into eternity. The Holy Spirit used to be called the Holy Ghost. A spiritual gift given in love outlasts a tangible one. A Christian site on the Internet is like spitting into the wind at night with no moonlight and no flashlight. A small sermon a day can keep Satan away. Enlightenment only happens when you are ready to be illuminated. Growth of the heart and mind is His will for all of us. Finding an inspirational saying and words of wisdom is easier than experiencing their power. Wisdom comes from making mistakes if we are not stupid. Growth in inspiration, peace, and hope helps us climb the tree of life. Salvation cannot be purchased, traded, bargained for, exchanged for, or sold…you have to ask for it. The Bible is a commentary on life. If you have faith no more larger than a mustard seed, you could move a mountain. Personal development is possible only if we are committed to climbing up the tree of life, risking our necks to get to the top, and use Bible quotes to tell us which limbs to use. Christian humor is not an oxymoron. The Holy Bible produces enlightenment to a soul eager to find the Light. The person who gives is more powerful than the person who takes. Spiritual warfare begins to really heat up as soon as you accept Christ. The Lord's prayer was given as a model, not as a mimic. Giving good gifts brings blessings. Personal development of your faith in love is God’s will. A meditation thought is a good idea if the meditation thought is a good idea. The women of faith were and are the ones at the Cross. Salvation is best kept in the heart. Encouragement in a marriage relationship is as vital as oil in machinery. These cut and paste pass a long thoughts are from the web site of Shepherd's Care Ministries at 


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