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Matthew 14:22 Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd. 23 After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone...(NIV)

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List Of Previous Prayers By Title In Alphabetical Order
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Page 1 of 3, List Of Previous Prayers By Title In Alphabetical Order
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List Of Previous Prayers By Title In Alphabetical Order

Gaining And Losing From The Past
Gaining From The Horror Of Humiliation
Getting Angry, Defensive, Self-righteous, And Indignant When Others Blame And Criticize
Getting Depressed Because Of A Lack Of Compliments And Praise
Getting False Feelings Of Self-worth From Helping Others
Give Away Christ's Compassion
Give Away God's Love
Give Away God's Power
Give Everything Away, To
Give Unselfishly To Others
Giving Away Inner Peace
Giving In Pain
Giving In Poverty
Giving Of One's Personal Best
Giving Our Lives
Giving Praise For Our Gifts
Giving The Substance Of Love
Give To Glorify God
Giving Vs. Taking
Giving With A Cheerful Heart
Glimpse Of God
Glorious Truth, The
Glorious Victory
Glory, Honor, And Peace
Glory And Mistakes
Glory Of God Revealed, The
Glorying In God
God Above Us
God As My Rock
God As The Great Planner Of Your Life
God As Our Real Source Of Power
God As Our Shield For Victory
God Being Bigger Than Hopelessness
God Being Bigger Than Pain
God Being Bigger Than Problems
God Being Bigger Than Your Fear
God Being Bigger Than Your Hope
God Being Bigger Than Your Life (1)
God Being Bigger Than Your Life (2)
God Being Bigger Than Your Pain (2)
God Being Bigger Than Your Worry
God Blessing His Creation
God Speaking All The Time
God To Reveal His Understanding And Compassion, For
Godliness And The Life To Come
Godly Dreams
Godly Fear
Godly Giving
Godly Gratitude When Receiving Other's Gifts
God's Acceptance Beyond Reason
God's Blessings
God's Cohesive Force
God's Continual Blessings
God's Compassion Beyond Reason
God's Direction In Life
God's Drama And Excitement In Life
God's Faith System
God's Fountain Of Life
God's Freedom From Darkness
God's Forgiveness Beyond Reason
God's Gift Of Peace
God's Hand In Action
God's Healing Hand Of Hope And Promise
God's Hand Of Power
God's Hope Beyond Reason
God's Insulation For The Hurt Done To You
God's Insulation For Your Hope And Faith
God's Insulation For Your Grief
God's Insulation For Your Physical Pain
God's Insulation For Your Soul
God's Listening Ear
God's Love For Us
God's Love In Times Of Temptation
God's Love In Times Of Pain
God's Love In Times Of Sadness
God's Love In Times Of Uncertainty
God's Love In Times Of Worry
God's Love With Us
God's Loving Guidance
God's Meaning For Your Life
God's Mystery
God's Overwhelming Love
God's Partnership
God's Possession
God's Power And Might
God's Power Waves Full Of Happiness
God's Power Waves Full Of Silence
God's Power Waves Saying Good-bye
God's Power Waves Saying Hello
God's Power Waves Saying "No!"
God's Presence In Our Afflictions
God's Presence, Prayer 1
God's Presence, Prayer 2
God's Presence. Prayer 3
God's Presence, Prayer 4
God's Presence, Prayer 5
God's Protective Love
God's Purpose As My Purpose For Living
God's Vision
God's Voice Of Kindness
God's Voice Of Understanding
God's Will
God's Will To Be Made Known
God Within
God's Wisdom
Going Past Expectations Into Action
Great Comeback The
Great Rescuer, The
Greater Sense Of Christ's Presence In Life
Greater Wisdom
Great Table Of Spiritual Plenty, A
Greater Vision
Grief Turned To Joy
Grip Of Material Things, The
Growing Each Day
Growing In Dirt
Growing Up
Growth Through Service
Guarding Your Heart
Guarding Your Tongue
 Guarding Against Wrong Ideas
Guidance (1)
Guidance (2)
Guidance From God
Hard Work For Christ, The
Have Confidence, Prayer To
Having A Fuller Life In Christ
Having An Eternal Life
Having Been A Victim Of Abuse, Neglect, And Abandonment
Having Perfect Health, Prayer About
Having The Right Words
Having Too Many Rules To Follow
Heal Others
Heal The Heart Of Others
Healing Encounter Of Forgiveness, The
Healing Encounter Of Giving, The
Healing Every Disease
Healing Hope And Humility
Healing Of The Lame, Blind, Crippled, And Mute
Health, Vigor, Happiness, And Peace
Hear God Speak, To
Hear God In The Silence, Prayer To
How God Is Our All In All
Hear God's Small Voice, Prayer To
Hear God's Tender Voice, Prayer To
Hear God's Voice Of Gentleness, Prayer To

Hear God's Voice Of Kindness, Prayer To
Hear God's Voice Of Understanding, Prayer To
Hearing The Stillness
Heart To Meditate Upon God, For A
Heavy Hand Of God, The
Held Close By Jesus
Help For A Hurting Heart
Help To Always See The Good, A Prayer For
Help To Build A Firm Foundation
Help To Build A Life For Christ
Help To Deal With Our Aloneness
Help To Deal With Our Pain
Help To Find A New Life
Help To Respond To Evil, A Prayer For
Help Others, To
Help To Accept Everything As Temporary
Help To Love Others Rather Than Self
Help To Witness
Help When Believing Other People Are Making You Crazy
Help When Believing Other People Make You Feel The Way You Do
Help When Feeling Angry, Victimized, Unappreciated, And Used
Helping Others Climb Higher
Helping Others Resolve Their Own Issues
His Holy Ground
His Little Ones So Afraid, Look And See
His Fields Ready For The Harvest, Look And See
Holding Fast When Evil Strikes
Holding The Baby Jesus And How He Has Blessed
Holding The Baby Jesus And What He Gives
Holding The Baby Jesus And Your Testimony
Holding The Baby Jesus In Your Heart
Holding The Baby Jesus In Your Loneliness
Honesty, Prayer Of
Honesty About Loneliness, A Prayer Of
Honesty, Sincerity, And Holiness, For
Honor For Christ In Our Weakness
Honoring Christ By Seeking His Guidance
Honoring And Loving God
Hope And Confidence
Hope And Strength In God's Hands
Hope And Vision, Praise For
Hope In Poverty, Prayer For
Hope That Leads To Holiness
Hope Within
How Christ First Loved Us
How Christ Fully Knows And Understands You
How Christ Holds Your Hopes And Dreams, Prayer About
How Christ Stands With You, Prayer Of Praise About
How God Believes In You, Prayer About
How God Enables You To Have Faith, Prayer About
How God Gives You His Peace, Prayer About
How God Knows You
How God Pours His Healing Love Over You, Prayer About
How God Sees Everything We Give
How God Trusts You, Prayer About
How God Will Rejoice Over You
How Much Christ Cares For You
How Money And A Spiritual Life Do Not Mix, Prayer About
How None Of Us Is Really Better, Prayer About
How The Gospel Is Known Only To Believers
How There Is Always A Great Tomorrow
How We Are Not All The Same
How We Have All Things In Christ
How We Are Beautiful In Christ
How We See Ourselves, Prayer About
How We Should Grow
How You Are Embraced In Love
How You Are Forgiven
How You Are Healed
How You Are Loved
How You See Others
How You Must Apologize For Hurting Others
How Your Private Hell Will Come To An End
Humbly Sustaining A Great And Powerful Spirit
Humility & Guidance
Humility And Simplicity

Humility And Strength To Empower Emotionally Needy People
Humility At The Cross
Humility Before God And Others
Humility In Prayerful Thought
Humility To Build In Faith
Humility To Live Right For God, Prayer For
Ignoring Injustices Done Against Us
Immediate And Innate Wisdom Of God, Prayer About The
Immortality From Christ
Impossible Becoming Possible, About The
In A Time Of Need
In A Time Of War
In Praise Of God's Wisdom
In Quiet Humility
Including God For Just A Minute
Increasing And Overflowing Love
Increasing Love
Incredible Works Of God, The
Infilling Power Of God
Inheriting The Eternal And Imperishable
Inner Peace, Prayer About
Inspiration To Help Others, For
Instant Availability Of God, The
Invincible You, The
Jesus Being Alive Right Now
Joy In Poverty, Prayer For
Joy Of The Holy Spirit, Praise For The
Judgment In The Eyes Of God
Keep God Ever-present, To
Keeping Focus In Chaos
Keeping Of Our Life And Mission
Keeping Silent
Keeping Steadfast
Keeping The Faith In Darkness, Prayer About
Keeping Watch Over Christ's Flock
Keeping Your Head When Evil Strikes
Kindness Of Love
Kneel At The Cross, Prayer To
Know More About Love
Know Yourself
Knowing And Not Knowing, Prayer About
Knowing God Hears You, 1 Of 3
Knowing God Hears You, 2 Of 3
Knowing God Hears You, 3 Of 3
Knowing In Greater Abundance
Knowing You Are Forgiven
Knowledge Of Your Worth To Christ, For A
Lack Of Faith, Prayer About
Law Of God In Your Heart, The
Learning To Love
Let Others Be Responsible For Themselves
Let Others Learn To Fill Their Own Needs
Let The Infinite Be With You, Prayer To
Let The Infinite Be Your Healing Force, Prayer To
Let The Infinite Touch Your Broken Heart, Prayer To
Let The Infinite Touch Your Life, Prayer To
Let The Infinite Touch Your Pain, Prayer To
Letting Doubts Melt Away
Letting God Be Within You, Prayer About
Life And Death
Life Being Difficult
Light Against Sin, Prayer About
Light And Substance
Light Of Hope, Prayer For The
Lighting Up The World
Listening To God's Still Small Voice
Little Child, For A
Live Out Forgiveness, To
Live Out God's Truth, To
Live Out Holiness, To
Live Out Love, To
Live Out Peace, To
Live Right For Others, Prayer To
Living A Life Full Of Hope
Living A Life Full Of Joy
Living A Life Full Of Love
Living A Life Full Of Peace
Living A Life Full Of Thanksgiving
Living A Life Of Value (Prayer 1 Of 5)
Living A Life Of Value (Prayer 2 Of 5)
Living A Life Of Value (Prayer 3 Of 5)
Living A Life Of Value (Prayer 4 Of 5)
Living A Life Of Value (Prayer 5 Of 5)
Living An Abundant Life
Living An Unselfish Life
Living By Faith With Failing Vision
Living In Christ
Living In Christ's Contentment
Living In Christ's Eyes And Love
Living In Christ's Humility
Living, Moving, And Having Our Being, Prayer About
Living Under Our Attentive God
Living With Conviction
Living With Nothing From God
Living With The Impossible
Living Within God's Goals. Prayer About
Lord's Great Answer, The
Lord's Power Of Love And Humility, Prayer For The
Lord's Presence In Trials
Looking For The Enduring City
Looking Forward
Looking Up To God (1)
Looking Up To God (2)
Looking Up To God For Strength
Looking Up To God In Honesty
Looking Up To Heaven
Lord's Touch, The
Lord's Touch Of Love, Prayer For The
Lord's Way Of Hope
Lose Yourself In Christ, Prayer To
Losing Sleep Over Other People's Behavior
Losing Track Of Our Wants And Needs
Losing Your Life Issues In Christ's Compassion
Losing Your Life Issues In Christ's Forgiveness
 Losing Your Life Issues In Christ's Healing
Losing Your Life Issues In Christ's Love
Losing Your Life Issues In Christ's Power
Love And Giving
Love And Happiness Beyond Reason
Love And Knowledge Of The Future
Love Before Words
Love For Others
Love For Others In Obedience And Truth
Love Of God, The
Love Or Anger Rippling Out To Others
Loved Ones, For Personal Insulation For
Love To Cast Out Fear
Love Within
Loving One Another
Loving Our Different Gifts In Each Other
Loving Righteousness And Hating Evil
Loving Yourself As A Child Of God
Magnitude Of Christ's Love
Make Every Minute Count
Make Little Actions Count For Christ
Make Room For God
Making A Sacrifice
Making Joy Manifest In Others
Making Our Life Secure
Making The Right Decisions
Man's Inhumanity To Man
Mighty Mission, Prayer For A
Mighty Power Of God
Miracle Or Miracles For Others, A
Money And Being Satisfied, Prayer About
More Fully Show Others The Love Of Christ
More Life, Prayer For
Move Across Barriers
Moving In God's Direction, Prayer About
Multiply Your Confidence
Multiply Your Courage, A Prayer To
Multiply Your Faith, A Prayer To
Multiply Your Freedom
Multiply Your Faith (2)
Multiply Your Life, A Prayer To
Multiply Your Treasures, A Prayer To
Multiply Your Power
Multiply Your Wisdom
Multiply Your Work, A Prayer To
Nearness Of God, The
Never Finding Answers
Never Giving Up
Never Give Up
Never Shrinking Back
Never Trying To Provoke Someone's Anger In Order To Control Them
Never Turning Back
New Hope When Hope Is Gone, Prayer For
No Reasons And No Excuses
Not Being Distracted
Not Dealing With The Fear Of Losing Control
Not Wanting To Push Others, Prayer About

Page 1 of 3, List Of Previous Prayers By Title In Alphabetical Order
 A to F

Page 3 of 3, List Of Previous Prayers By Title In Alphabetical Order
O to Z

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Cut, Paste, and Pass-a-long Thoughts

God is love but love may not be God. Without a religion, a society, nation, or a family will crumble. The Bible was penned by men and dictated by God. The Holy Bible has love between each word. A religious life is important but not as important as a spiritual life. A Christian is a person who has given all they own to Christ and who has no fear of death. God will help you if you are willing to help Him. A church should be a refuge from the world. Marriage is sacred and holy before God. Jesus is the Savior and Messiah. In prayer you talk to God and in prayer He can talk back if you listen. Inspirational quotes are like appetizers for the soul. In Bible study, you get more out of it if you apply it. Meditation on the love of God makes the love of God real. Religion and spirituality are the keys to human progress if humans are religiously spiritual. Fear of death evaporates when you can see over the horizon and see your place in eternity. A sermon needs to be taken in and digested to be nutritious. Getting advice, especially relationship advice is easier than following the advice. Inspiration from a Bible verse or from the Bible is a drink of living water. Faith based upon love is unshakable. A Bible commentary is like a compass. Fear of God is not healthy, but fear of God’s wrath can save your life for eternity. God encourages self-help. A Christian web site is like a shiny silver dollar in a mud hole. Amazing grace is a song, but what is amazing is God’s grace. An inspirational story can change someone’s life. Jealousy is a waste of time and soul. Peace will reign after Satan inflicts his sting. A life without a goal is a life going nowhere. Spiritual love for God begets love from God. Goal setting is important but not as important as goal getting. Hope is the fuel of life. A church online can beam His love through the lines and cables. True worship starts and ends within your heart. Study the Holy Bible and you can be holy if you absorb His words. Encouragement is healing to a broken life. Grace is a goose-bumpy gift from God. Christ died just for you, hoping but not knowing whether you would accept Him but knowing you could experience a Holy Spirit transformation if you do. Saving grace can last you a long time into eternity. The Holy Spirit used to be called the Holy Ghost. A spiritual gift given in love outlasts a tangible one. A Christian site on the Internet is like spitting into the wind at night with no moonlight and no flashlight. A small sermon a day can keep Satan away. Enlightenment only happens when you are ready to be illuminated. Growth of the heart and mind is His will for all of us. Finding an inspirational saying and words of wisdom is easier than experiencing their power. Wisdom comes from making mistakes if we are not stupid. Growth in inspiration, peace, and hope helps us climb the tree of life. Salvation cannot be purchased, traded, bargained for, exchanged for, or sold…you have to ask for it. The Bible is a commentary on life. If you have faith no more larger than a mustard seed, you could move a mountain. Personal development is possible only if we are committed to climbing up the tree of life, risking our necks to get to the top, and use Bible quotes to tell us which limbs to use. Christian humor is not an oxymoron. The Holy Bible produces enlightenment to a soul eager to find the Light. The person who gives is more powerful than the person who takes. Spiritual warfare begins to really heat up as soon as you accept Christ. The Lord's prayer was given as a model, not as a mimic. Giving good gifts brings blessings. Personal development of your faith in love is God’s will. A meditation thought is a good idea if the meditation thought is a good idea. The women of faith were and are the ones at the Cross. Salvation is best kept in the heart. Encouragement in a marriage relationship is as vital as oil in machinery. These cut and paste pass a long thoughts are from the web site of Shepherd's Care Ministries at 


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