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What God Did Not Do

Love cannot, by its nature, destroy, hurt, murder, bomb, or take a life. The wrath of God that some persons so easily connect to the will of God is the absence of God. Ask a drug addict starving for a fix how it is going and you will get the begging cry for cocaine hell that is a small example of the absence or wrath of God.

Some want desperately to assign the devastation in New York to the will of God. They want to point to the sin of America and connect the sin of America to the tragedy on Tuesday. Some persons want the sinners to "get theirs" in order to demonstrate that God is in control. God does not need to destroy sinners for the sinners determine their own fate now, or in the hereafter, or sometimes both.

In this distorted "get theirs" theology, there is no love and no grief over the sin. In this "they deserve to die because they are sinners" theology there is just a distorted sense of anger at the lack of righteousness in others. Make no mistake about it. Love does not kill. Killing comes about because of evil. Killing comes about because of Satan. This earth sits in the septic tank of Satan. The influence of Satan sits in every human heart. The dirt on which we walk was created by God but infected by Satan. Because the influence of Satan is so prevalent, we must often confront evil and use evil to rid evil. This is a horrible circumstance for those of us who love the Lord God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our might.

There is a connection between human acts of sin and God. However, the connection is not direct cause and effect. Sin has its own consequence. Evil has its own consequence. Darkness has its own consequence. We might want to somehow ascribe the will of God to the deaths of thousands in New York, but God does not destroy life. God creates life and sustains life. It is evil, darkness, and Satan infecting the hearts, minds, and souls of the hijackers that took those lives…not God.

If there is a connection between the terrorist attacks and sin in America the connection is made because of evil, not because of God.

God loves you. God loves the sinner. God loves the sinner so much that He sent His son to die for persons like the terrorists who took so many innocent lives. We cannot fathom what the terrorists did. What may be more unfathomable is the love that God has for you, for me, and for the persons who took so many lives.



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