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The Easy Way

It is easier to live a lie than it is to live the truth. The trouble comes when the lie generates a consequence. It is easier to not go to the doctor to get a suspicious symptom checked out but that suspicious symptom could result in big trouble if left unchecked.

It is easier to tell yourself things are not so bad than it is to deal with the truth when things need real attention.

It is easier to sit in grief than it is try to work your way out of it by praying, reaching out to others, and building a new life full of new relationships, new attitudes, new interests, and new beginnings. The only problem is that when we take the easy way of sitting in our grief and doing nothing our grief continues.

It is easier to not resist temptation and just let your sinful desires, passions, and attitudes have their way with you. The problem is that sin leads to death in the body and death in the soul.

It is easier to be selfish and ignore the needs and wants of others. However, the problem comes when you have needs and wants. When you are selfish, others will ignore you because they do not want to be around a selfish person.

It is easier to take what you want when you want it rather than being considerate and giving to others. The problem comes when you have taken all there is and there is no more. Then you are left wanting and no one wants to give to you because you are a taker.

It is easier to be lazy and not work hard. The problems come when you are faced with a situation requiring hard work. The problems also come when you need a payoff from hard work and there is no payoff. When you do not work hard, there is no payoff.

It is easier not to pray. The problem comes when you need prayer for yourself or need to pray for others. When you need prayer to connect to God for yourself or others, the lines of communication between you and God are not open when you have not used them.

It is easier to live by your own rules rather than living by God's rules. The problem is that rejecting God's rules has dire consequences like imprisonment, death of the body, death of the soul, unhappiness, anxiety, fear, and a heart full of darkness and pain.

It is easier to turn your eyes away from injustice. It is easier to look the other way when justice needs to be done. The problem comes when we need justice ourselves for there will be no one to come to our defense for we defended no one else.

It is easier to be harsh and mean with someone that irritates you. The problems come when the person you were mean or harsh to may not give you mercy and understanding when you need it most.

It is easier to float around in life with no goal or no objective. The problem comes when floating around lands you on the street with no home, no place to stay, and no people who respect your willingness to work hard and stay on track.

It is easier to let hatred boil up within than to love those who hate you. The problem comes when you need others, perhaps need those you hated, for the people you hated are most inclined to hate you back.

The easy way is not always the best way because the easy way has consequences we may not want.

Christ chose to follow the will of God and let Himself be crucified for each of us. Christ chose the hardest way to die…for you. What will you chose in return?



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