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Written in the year 2000.

Dear Web Ministry Partners,

The last kind of web ministry I ever thought about developing was anything having to do with the "End Times." My calling in the ministry has always been that of pastoral care and caring for the less able and disadvantaged. A big part of my energy presently goes into helping homeless individuals like drug addicts, alcoholics, ex-offenders, and persons with mental illness. I was never even curious about apocalyptic literature, theology, or Biblical studies dealing with end time events. I always believed Christ would return when it was the hour for His return, I was ready, and that was that.

However, in the last six months things have changed. I have become increasingly outraged at the moral decline of our nation. Our news media no longer is a first line of defense against encroaching government power and corruption as the press has caved in to government pressure to carry only the governmental spin on important issues. I have been greatly distressed by the lies, deceptions, half-truths, and stonewalling by our government on issues that affect not just American’s but all people. Other governments in NATO are also engaged in various kinds of nefarious activities. In the past I was always willing to give our government the benefit of the doubt and still want to do so, hoping the government has strategic reasons, i.e., national defense reasons, for taking the actions they take. However, as time moves forward at a seemingly increasing pace, as the world moves closer to nuclear war, and as the amount of sin and moral apathy in our nation and the world seems to grow, I can no longer ignore the warning signs related to end times issues. In that light, new pages have been added to our Find The Power web ministry. These pages are called the End Times Monitor.

I, and both Christians and non-Christians alike, feel we are headed for a monumental event in the near future. However, feelings alone do not need to be our only means of assessment. There are indications on the landscape that point to World War III. There are actions and operations by someone to spray our atmosphere with poisonous substances and materials in an activity now called chemtrail spraying. There are rumors of a war being started that some persons who claim are coming from the White House. These rumors say that supposedly, President Clinton and his insiders wish to see war break out so the President can remain in office indefinitely. Our press refuses to report events that might have a bearing on how we perceive our elected leaders and the responsibility of our government. Just a cursory review of the headlines about countries in the Far East and Middle East points to a historical build-up in arms including nuclear weapons.

Our new web site is now being posted on the Find The Power pages called "The End Times Monitor," and we will make a substantial effort to bring you important news related to the crisis in the Middle East as well as commentary, analysis, essays, and thought provoking contributions. Be aware that news sources, news facts, commentary, and thought on these pages may not always reflect our Christian world-view. In addition, news facts are often hard to find because of the filtering going on in our news media in the U.S. To assess our current position in the world as Christians and to maintain vigilance we need unfiltered facts upon which to draw our conclusions.

Again, six months ago I would have totally rejected the idea of doing a web site like "The End Times Monitor" but things appear to be moving rapidly to some kind of conclusion.

Let all of us be aware. Let all of us be vigilant. Let all of us keep the love of Christ in our hearts as we await the glorious return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Most of all, let us pray that in the future only peace prevails in our world.

In His Love and Grace,

Rev. Patrick Kelly



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