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Slime World

Welcome to Slime World. In Slime World, only a few lonely souls seem to care about what happens. The slime grows and expands quietly across the land but only a few will listen to the dangers about the slime. The slime appears on housetops, on cars, and even on children but only a few will look. Reports about the dangers of the slime begin to appear in the fringe media and on the internet but only a few want to know. Only a few of the few will speak out or take action to even investigate the origins of the slime.

However, the slime is not the real problem. The real problem is the complacency, apathy, denial, and basic nature of the people. The ruin of a nation or of a civilization is caused by the complacent many who live only for themselves. When the complacent many revel in their secret passions with no self-control and no self-discipline then prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind in the land is doomed. A lack of self-control and self-discipline undermines the foundations of a society. As a populace grows more selfish and self-centered any pretense of self-control and self-discipline is abandoned and the populace will negotiate even with the satanic powers of the darkness to feed their selfish desires. The slime can grow and threaten a family, but if the family members can keep from sacrificing their most treasured passions, no matter how destructive the slime might be, then the family will co-exist with the slime. In a slimy world, as long as the slime doesn't interfere with gratification, there will be no resistance to evil or to a threat posed by the slime.

When we do not care about anything but our own self-interests, we are doomed. When we care only for what affects only our selves we have surrendered up all hope of expressing the potential goodness of humankind. In a slimy world, as the slime grows and threatens our nation, no one cares about his or her neighbor.

It is our ability to feel and express concern for others and their well-being that separates us from the lower creatures. However, with the slime comes the apathy caused by the overriding desire for self-gratification. When we are willing to let our neighbor become a victim of the slime to get what we want, unfortunately, we will also become a victim even when we do not want to believe the slime will bother us. A bargain made with the devil will always come back to haunt us no matter how much the devil promises not to bother us…for the devil is a killing liar.

When we look up and see the danger of the slime but do not heed the warning signs of that danger we are on the precipice of collapse. When we look up, see the slime, and do not care about anyone but ourselves, we offer to our enemies an opportunity to do whatever they want to us. When we do not care about what happens to our neighbor then we open the door to our enemy to spread the slime around, whenever the enemy wants to spread it. This slimy approach to vigilance will doom our nation and our world.

Unfortunately, there is no secular cure for the slime sickness of apathy, denial, and selfish indulgence. As we move through this current era of complacency, the enemy will eventually come to hunt us down and kill us. The enemy will not have to use bullets to kill us. The enemy will only have to use the slime to do the job. When we say, by our complacency, it is acceptable to kill our neighbor with the slime, just so we are not threatened, we have signed our own death warrant. When we stand back and see the darkness of the killing slime roll over others but do not take action on their behalf we are opening the door to the darkness of the killing slime in our own lives.

If there is anything the enemy wants it is for us to lay down and roll over in the slime. To conquer a foe that actively fights with bullets and bombs is a great deal more difficult than to slither into an enemy territory full of selfish egoists and spread the slime around. It is so much easier to kill slowly using the slime than it is to kill using bullets and bombs.

In relation to the slime, the question is not whether the slime is a good thing or a bad thing but the question is now, "What can you do for me if the slime comes?" In other days, now long gone, the question might have been "What can I do for you to protect you against the slime?" We are no longer our brothers keeper but we expect our brother to keep us. As long as we are caught up in our apathy, complacency, and self-indulgence our brother will become our Big Brother. Our Big Brother, who is part of the slime spreading effort, will indeed help us. However, we may not like the kind of help our Big Brother brings. When the slime gets deep enough we will let our Big Brother monitor every aspect of our lives and we will not care. As long as Big Brother does for us what we want done and we do not have to sacrifice, to make commitments, and to give up our cherished secret indulgences we will look the other way. To feed our secret indulgences we will compromise over the slime issue. We will look at the slime but refuse to see it. We will hear about the slime but refuse to listen. We will put our dark passions above all else.

When we do not care about our own moral behavior, we will not care about the moral behavior of our leaders. The slime ball spreaders will and do spread the slime with impunity. They will and do have no thought of the consequences of their actions. When we do not care about the morality of our leaders, our leaders will do immoral things to us, like spreading the slime. The slime will continue to be spread among us because not enough of us care. When we care only about feeding our secret indulgences and do not care about our neighbors, then when our military is attacked there will be no outrage.

When we do not care, our water, sky, and land will be poisoned with the slime and there will be no call for retribution or punishment. When we do not care, our leaders will implant us with a monitoring device to monitor the effects of the slime. We will not care about monitoring devices put on our bodies, or having our lives monitored if we can feed our hunger for dark and destructive things. We will not care about the slime or what the slime will do because we will accept the word of our leaders if the leaders let us pursue our lives of personal self-destruction. When we do not care, our leaders can lie to us and deceive us and we will accept the lie. When we do not care, our leaders will stonewall and refuse to tell the truth, but we will not be outraged. Even when the leaders stonewall and refuse to tell the truth about the slime, we will give our leaders the benefit of a pass on being forthcoming…because we do not care. Even when we know we are being told lies about the slime, we will not be offended. Instead we will make jokes about the lies or rationalize the lies by saying everyone else is doing it.

To care about the slime means we must exert ourselves. To care about the slime means we must take on added responsibilities in our lives. To care about the slime means we are willing to put ourselves out with no expectation of reward.

When we slide down the slope of sloth we do not sacrifice, even for ourselves, for we are always standing with our hand out waiting for our handout. Our leaders encourage the hand out. It is the handout that keeps people dependent on the leader. When the leader hands out what we want and need with one hand, we will gladly look the other way when the leader spreads the slime on our home or on our children. As we readily and greedily grasp the handout, we will not be tough with the leader about moral issues…because we want the handout. Unfortunately, we will get the slime along with the freebee. We will not stand against an enemy if the enemy gives us something free. When we always measure the value of a thing, idea, or personal threat only on the basis of what we can get for free, then we have abandoned all the ties that make a nation or people a cohesive unit. If we can get our freebee and pursue our personal self-indulgences then we will gladly accept the slime without any question. When we are divided among ourselves because of our lack of commitment to each other as a nation, a foe or an adversary need not wage an open war of bombs and bullets against us. When we are divided among ourselves because of our own greed and selfishness, we will quietly acquiesce to a leader. We will acquiesce just so long as we can all get what we want, when we want it…even if a little slime is a part of the cost of getting the handout.

When we do not believe in a standard of conduct we will easily slither away and refuse to stand against wrongdoing. For in this slithery and slimy world of no standards, there is no real wrongdoing. In this slithery and slimy world, there is no wrong, no right, not even an in between. In this slimy and slithery world, there are no lines or standards to divide good from evil. When we have no standard, we can slide what may be wrong under the bar, and say we are tolerant. We can even accuse others of not being tolerant when they do not want to join us in the slimy activities of wrongdoing. After all, to have standards means work, exertion, commitment, and the ability or a willingness to maintain beliefs. When we do not want to maintain our beliefs we can let all things slide. Then we come to believe a little slime is not such a bad thing when we can get all we want. In a slimy world, it is hard to stand. It is easier to slither.

Why are we not surprised at the lack of outrage at the slime or at things slimy? What has happened to us? Has the slime infested our hearts and souls? Has the slime corrupted us without our knowing it? Will the killing slime kill us without any protest from us or without even a whimper from us? Will the terrible consequences of a meltdown in backbone and character be our capitulation to the enemy who inspires our lust and greed? Will we trade our lives for the promise of freedoms to indulge in secret sins while the slime infects our home, our family, and our children?

There is an answer. We must become new. We must become clean. We must become new creatures.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! (NIV)



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