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Questions And Doubts About God

Did God direct the heart, mind, and thoughts of the terrorists?

Sorry, Christ died to motivate us to be holy, devout, and to surrender our lives to Him. God does not need to kill us, our children, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives to get our attention. Evil terrorists did this terrible deed. To suggest that God was involved in this matter is to suggest that God used evil terrorists. This is ludicrous. Using this kind of logic then evil acts are really borne of God. Using this kind of logic we could then say that sinful acts are really godly. Sorry. None of this logic holds up.

Did God cause or let the terrorists do these horrible deeds to get us to find salvation or get closer to Him?

No. God does not kill people to make other people get closer to Him. What kind of God would hurt one person to make another person come closer to Him. God is not an abuser. In the world of abuse and abusers then a supreme being may be thought of as an abuser, but God is not an abusive being.

Could it be that God let these events happen so that we can find peace in Him?

There is no peace in the hearts of Americans today. There is no peace in the hearts of the remaining friends and family members of the survivors. The result of this heinous act was inspired by Satan, not by God, will be war on top of war. It is Satan that wants war on top of war, not God.

Did these events happen to show us we need to glorify Him?

We have indeed forgotten to glorify God, but it was not God that inspired the hatred in the hearts of the attackers. It was us, our sin, our darkness, our evil, our dastardly darkened hearts that poisoned the world in which these attackers grew and matured. If anyone is responsible is it humanity as a whole and the nation of the United States in particular who did not pray enough or come close enough to God. The farther away from God we get, the farther away God gets from us. The farther away from God we get the darker things get, the more evil comes to us and our world.

Did these events happen to stop us from being tempted?

It was Satan who tempted Jesus and it is Satan who tempts us. Satan exists in your life. Satan exists inside of your heart. Get used to it. Come to grips with it. We do not create our own temptation. The power of God becomes real only if we tell the truth and deal with the truth, both about God and about Satan.

Shouldn't God get the credit for making this terrible attack happen?

God gets the credit from persons who do not know Him but may think they know Him. God does not do evil things.

Didn't God that cause this event?

Sorry. God did not do this evil act. Terrorist with hatred in their hearts, with hearts full of darkness and sin were responsible.

In the minds and hearts of many people throughout the world this day, there are many uncertainties. There are many doubts about God, about the will of God, about the true nature of God.

Of God, there are many certainties. Of God, we can be certain He is a being of love, a being who loves each of us in immeasurable ways. God is a being who sent His Son to save us because God loves us. God does not hurt us or kill us. In the heart of every true believer, the word "maybe" does not exist when it comes to God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.



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