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Our Terrible Choice

It is wrong to kill. If is far more wrong to let a killer do this evil deed. It is wrong to hurt someone else. It is far more wrong to let someone hurt another if we have the power to stop a person doing the hurting.

Our president, our nation, and our world now stand at a crossroads. We must all make a terrible choice between the lesser of two evils. We must choose between letting evil murderous individuals continue to murder or whether we kill them to stop them from murdering again. We do not like having to make this choice, for some of us…our children, our friends, our family, and ourselves may die in the process of stopping evil and for standing up for the right.

To maintain the order of our world, to maintain our opportunity to believe in God, to praise His name, and to worship Him, we must now make that terrible choice. What is in our heart this day? What are we thinking when we make this choice? Are we grieved at having to make this choice? Will the grief of having to make this choice cause us to not make a choice at all? Will the grief of having to make this choice cause us to commit our life to Christ as we have never committed it before?

As Christians, we do not embrace war, killing, maiming, and the destruction of any life. Today we are faced with a terrible choice between stopping evil by doing what we would, in normal circumstances, consider to be wrong or we can choose to let evil continue. Perhaps we must recognize our present circumstance is not normal.

In this moment of so much devastation, we must pray.

We must pray for wisdom to make the right decision.
We must pray that after we make the decision that we have the will stand by it.
We must pray that we do what is truly the will of God even when we are not always certain what the will of God might be.
We must pray for forgiveness for doing the wrong thing if we end up doing the wrong thing.
We must pray for the protection of those who are put in harms way.
We must pray for our leaders.
We must even pray for those who want to harm us and kill us.
We must pray that we always have a heart that breaks over the loss of life no matter how the loss occurs.




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