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An Email From Israel

The following email was received today. It was forwarded at least twice. I have deleted the name of the sender and the name of the sender's son for their personal safety.

The following copy of this email is presented for educational purposes only.

The hour is late and the ticking of the clock grows ever louder. Pray for peace because the option of war may bring the tribulation to us all.

All out war is very close.

My last email to you begin with the statement; last night was different from all the past night. That was as near as I could come to telling you what I knew. Even with the Prime Ministers hinting at such actions being taken I have to be very careful. As you know my son is in the IDF Special Forces, he like nearly every IDF Soldier has a Cell Phone. But they are told when they can use it and what to, and what not to say over the phone. So please forgive me for being evasive at times.

IDF helicopter gun ships hit Fatah Headquarters in Ramallah, Nablus and Gaza. Bringing into the intifata a new level of retaliation from the IDF. For what I think will now happen; this has played right into the hands of Yasser Arafat, it will feed his ego and cause him to become even more popular with his people and the Arab world. You can now expect to see more suicide bombers and more Israelis caught alone and killed by Palestinians as we have seen over the past few days. More armed resistance from the Palestinians and a much higher death toll.

But what is even more worrisome is this has placed the Arab world in a very serious decision making position. At the Arab Summit in Egypt last week, they tried to be moderate, not wanting to pay the price of all out war with Israel. But their people are rioting in the streets of every Arab Capital at this very moment. They are demanding that their Government go to war against Israel. And they will, it's only a matter of time.

Arafat, is now in the position of getting more assistance in the way of arms, and money from them as well. They just gave him one billion dollars last week, and now he can have almost anything he wants. You have to understand Arafat has never known any other way, he is terrified of actually getting a peace with Israel, he only knows how to survive by getting money for his cause from the rest of the Arab world. Syria is in the same boat, they have no industry and their economy is in ruins. The Alawite Party who rules in Syria rules the Sunni Moslems who are the majority only through military strength. So they also will now begin getting more and more from the Saudi's and others. Jordan who had a dream of economical revival in their country are now faced with the grim future of either joining the rest of the Arab world against Israel or being labeled a traitor to the Islamic Jihad against the Zionist occupiers.

Iraq has already massed their troops on the Jordan Border, claiming to have 4 million ready to march on Jerusalem, causing King Abdullah much sleepless night I am sure. The Syrian's are building their troops up in the Beka Valley. Egypt is slowing moving into position as well. The bottom line is Jordan and Egypt really don't want this to happen, they are both receiving hundreds of millions from the US and don't want to lose that. Egypt has acquired a very large air force of F-16s and F-15s from the US as well as many 109 halesters, they have for over ten years been training their troop at a new level for Egypt. In fact, everyone in the world but Barak seems to know what they intend to do, when they feel ready. But the problem is, ready or not, if Iraqi scuds start flying, and their troops start marching, the rest of the Arab world will have no choice but to join in.

All of this of course is the way I see it. But like they say, you can take it to the bank.   Israel needs to forget about CNN and world opinion, and do what we must in order to keep our Country. The first thing is to get Barak out of that office, not to make any Emergency Government, just get him out of there. You  have to travel to Tel-Aviv and find a Peace Now member to find someone to say a kind word for him in Israel.

There is another bottom line, and that is, there are many things happening with those whom the Lord has put into place to bring about His Word. We are living in exciting days. Nearly everything we know and have accepted as normal is about to change. The Anti-Christ is on the horizon.

You will soon see all out war in the Middle East, beginning right here in Israel. Blood will run deep in the streets of Jerusalem. The times of Sorrows are upon us, and the Devil has seduced the Church in the United States with Strange spirits. For those who have an ear to hear, know what they must do when the Lord speaks to them. Ask God to give you a peace in the days approaching you. Don't have fear of these coning days, draw very close to God and He will give you His Wisdom. Begin using the resources given to you for Kingdom Purposes, put up your treasures in Heaven.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for J___ and the rest of the IDF, and if you have any left, C___ and I could use some. Shalom J___ G____



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