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Words Of Faith For Patience Right NowÖ

You need a lot of patience and you need it now!

You need your patience right now and you want it right now and you donít want to wait!

You donít think you can wait any longer so you need Christ to deliver patience without your having to wait!

Does Christ deliver?

Does Christ do take outs?

Of course these words are a little goofy.

However, when things have gotten as tough as they are now, sometimes you have to be a little goofy to deal with today's circumstances.

Christ knows you.

Christ knows you through and through.

In Christ's love and grace, He will help you be a little more patient.

In Christ's love and grace, He will help you wait.

While you are waiting, Christ will help you be in a spirit of worship, prayer, and praise.

Praise His name for always listening to your heart and soul.

When you tell the truth of truths, you donít need patience delivered immediately.

You know in your heart you can wait, even when you do not want to wait.

Praise His Name. Amen.

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