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Words Of Faith In Pain And Honesty…

Believe in the Lord.

Know, without any doubt, the Lord lives within you.

Even when you are tired, beaten down, and besieged, you can still have a sense of His love.

Always know the Lord is within you.

Always know you can see the Lord standing next to you.

Always know you can see the Lord smiling as you speak your words of prayer.

Even in times when suffering and trouble are getting you down…

You can hear the Lord say He understands.

You can feel His healing touch making your pain go away.

You can experience the piling on of the Holy Spirit to ease the muscle spasms and the all the other painful problems you have today.

You can experience the piling on of the love of God to banish all the worries you carry.

You may be angry at the Lord, but know the Lord is leaving things as they are for His great victory in your life.

Know the Lord is having you go through these moments so you can touch the hearts of others.

No, it’s not easy.

Above all else, in spite of every circumstance, love the Lord as the Lord loves you.

Praise His name. Amen.

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