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Words Of Faith To Overcome Insurmountable Walls And Conquer Mountains

You face walls and mountains.

You see no earthly way of conquering your walls and mountains, but with Christ all things are possible.

You face obstacles over which you have no power, but with Christ you have the power to walk through walls and conquer the mountains in your life.

Give Christ praise for helping you win out over your obstacles.

Give Christ praise for giving you the power to climb higher and higher each day.

Give Christ praise for giving you blessings large and small.

When you are overcome and find you have no way to move forward, Christ is with you and within you.

Give Christ praise because Christ surrounds you, enfolds you, and lifts you up.

Give Christ praise because Christ gives you sustenance in your hour of need.

Give Christ praise because He loves you

Give Christ praise because He loved you before you loved Him.

To Christ give all praise, honor, and glory.

Praise His Name. Amen.

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