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You have always tried to do the right thing.

You have always tried to be righteous in all your dealings.

However, like all people, sometimes you have fallen.

You know, in your heart of hearts, you have fallen short of God's glory.

Yet, in your heart of hearts, you hear God's gentle voice always calling you forward.

You hear Christ say you are forgiven…and you believe Him.

You hear Christ say how all your sins have been washed away…and you believe Him.

At those moments, those incredible precious moments when you hear God's forgiving love, fall on your knees in godly sorrow, in godly contrition, and in supreme gratitude.

Every time you make mistakes and disappoint Him, you have resolved to do better.

Over the years, you have done better, year by year.

Surely you are not the same person you used to be.

God's redeeming love has washed away the old person who used to be rebellious, unforgiving, ungodly, uncaring, and unloving.

God's redeeming love has placed within you a new person, a new child the Lord calls His very own.

Praise His Name. Amen.

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