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In Pain And Honesty

For Patience Right Now

Patiently Waiting


For Peace

Peace In The World

Perfect Healing

Perfect Healing

For Perfect Health

A Perfect Home

A Perfect Home

Perfect Hope

Perfect Hope

Perfect Power

Perfect Power

Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision

A Personal Lord's Prayer

The Point Of Life

Poverty And Wealth Of The Spirit

Power Against Weakness Of The Flesh

Power For The Powerless

The Power In God's Hands

The Power Of Faith In Life

The Power Of Life

For The Power To Believe

For Power To Be Only Who God Made You To Be

For The Power To Change

For The Power To Control The Uncontrollable

For The Power To Do What Is Right

For The Power To Heal From Hurts

For Power To Heal Others

For The Power To Love Oneself

For The Power To Move Forward

For The Power To Recover From Trauma And Devastation

For The Power To Start Over

For The Power To Stay Where You Are

Power Within

The Power You Have In Christ

In Praise About God's Love

For Praise And Humility

Praise For Christ Being Unwavering And Unchanging

In Praise For Christ's Presence In Times Of Chaos And Distraction

In Praise For Christ's Presence In Your Burdens

In Praise For Christ's Yoke And Burdens

In Praise For Christ Within You

In Praise For God's Blessings

Praise For God's Direction In Life

Praise For God's Hand In Action

In Praise Praise For Immortality From Christ

In Praise For The Peace Of Loving God's Law

In Praise For Your Greatest Victory

Praying In Arrogance

Praying In The Noise

To Pray Little Prayers More Often

To Pray Through The Impossible

For The Presence Of God In Every Moment

For A Prize Called Heaven

To Produce Results From Only Doing The Right Thing

The Promise Of A Better Life

The Promise Of A Better Life


Protection Against Temptation

To Push Back Against Insurmountable Obstacles

To Push Back Against Unbelief

To Push Back Against Wanting To Get Even

To Push Back Against Weakness

Pushing Against Sin

Pushing Love

Putting An End To Your Conflict With God

Putting God Before All Things In Life

For Quiet Humility

Quiet Times

Reaching Out In Faith

Reaching Out In Hopelessness

Reaching Out In Love

Reaching Out In Trials

Reaching Out In Understanding

Reaching Out To God

To Reach Out

To Receive A New Heart In Disappointment And Loss

To Receive Christ's Beams Of Encouragement

To Receive Christ's Beams Of Forgiveness

To Christ's Beams Of Healing

To Receive Christ's Beams Of Love

To Receive Christ's Beams Of Strength

To Receive From Heaven

To Receive Grace

To Receive His Power Waves Full Of Happiness

To Receive His Power Waves Of Silence

To Receive His Power Waves Saying Good-bye

To Receive His Power Waves Saying Hello

To Receive His Power Waves Saying "No"

To Receive The Kingdom Of God

To Receive The Truth

Receiving Christ

Receiving Forgiveness

Receiving From Christ

Receiving Life

Receiving Power

Receiving The Blessings Of Christ's Compassion

Receiving The Lord's Touch


To Regain Christ When You Have Lost Him

To Regain Others

To Remember To Look Up And Hold On


Renewing Your Faith Through Christ

Renewing Your Hope Through Christ

Renewing Your Relationships With Others Through Faith In Christ

Renewing Your Power Through Christ

Renewing Your Vision Through Christ

To Reveal God's Presence

For The Revelation Of Secret Wisdom

In Reverence And Respect For God

The Riches Of Christ

For Righteousness Amid Blessings And Good Times

To Build The Right Kinds Of Alliance

The Right Power

The Risk Of Witnessing

Rules To Live By

Running The Risk Of Embarrassment


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